Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Twenty Seven Point One Million

As of today, the Swaption monster is at 27.1 million dollars and climbing, WHY???

The announcement was made today during the Finance meeting, but, there was no mention of a pay date or plan to complete this stupid mistake.

To be clear, the mistake we're talking about is - not paying off the swaption when it was under 10 million...less than two years ago (or so).

Obviously Mr. Stoffa had the money then to do so, and chose to gamble instead. Well, as we know today, his gamble failed.

Our observation is that he continues to gamble with our tax dollars, and we say that because he was authorized by County Council to pay it off at 25 million and he has not done so yet. His hesitation continues to waste NorCo tax dollars.

Truly sad - we the taxpayers are out another 2.1 million!!! When will this madness end?


  1. John Stoffa held on to the swaption to use as a political hammer during his Administration. He could have gotten out of it seven years ago at no cost. Instead of that he let it ride. Even when Mazziotti and Angle said sell, Stofrfa held on. O'Hare claims he had no choice. Poor John Stoffa, he couldn't expect to lead, what did people want of him?

    This guy is the most incompetent elected official in county history. He is a silly old man that has been over his head for the past seven years. The county has been on autopilot and it shows. Everything is falling apart.

    The only thing he wanted to lead on was dumping Gracedale. Now people can see some of his goofy thinking. He has been living off the Reibman tax increase for years. He needed that quick cash from the Gracedale sale. He went out and bought a report that told people it was for their own good to dump Gracedalae. Fortunately, the people didn't believe him. Now he has a problem. He played with the swaption, he messed up on Gracedale and he has spent too much money.

    He is in a real fix and will be asking county council for a massive tax increase because the county is in trouble.

    Of course he will blame the swaption and Gracedale and not his poor leadership skills. He is a sad clown that has practically ruined the county.

  2. He is on his blog now condemning Steve Barron and Ron Heckman. Now that O'Hare is in the Callahan camp he is trying to scare Heckman out of a potential executive run. Unbelievable, the guy has no class. Ron is one of the most knowledgable and decent guys I know and he gets slammed by that creep O'Hare.

    I don't know what Ron's plans are but I doubt he will worry about O'Hare's endorsement. As to Steve Barron, O'Hare can't help himself. It seems he has no control over his urge to besmirch and destroy the decent people amongst us.

    he is a sick bandito my friends, he truly is!

  3. Steve Barron is on track to end bo and Stoffa, is that the reason for the attack. Steve has them worried, keep up the good work Steve.

  4. The money to pay the swaption will come from any future Gracedale union raises and givebacks that will be surely comming.

  5. Stoffa screams for givebacks from one union while handing out raises to another union. No problem with the raises but how do you justify telling employees they are too expensive in building A while telling employees in building B, you should get more money.

    Factor into that that Gracedale staff by and large are nursing assistants and they make some of the lowest wages in the county. If employees are too expensive they are too expensive thought out the county. Notice Stoffa never volunteered to give back any of his sweet pay or benne's as well as his cabinet boys all payed at the highest rate. Someone said that goof Marcus is close to six figures pay. Wow!! God give me strenght

    More of the Stoffa genius and logic at work.

  6. hey, anon 212: where the heck is BO attacking Heckman? Just cause you keep saying it doesn't make it true. Near as I can tell BO hasn't mentioned Heckman, let alone attacked him, it months.

  7. Bo allwsys makes the allegation that a friend of the COAF is bad. And Ron Heckman is a friend of. COAF and proud of it.

  8. Anon 7:10, Please stop the BS. Bernie has been taking swipes at Heckman for years. Maybe because he has never kissed O'Hares butt and won't do it now. The Callahan boys want O'Hare, they can have him.

    Remember that three years ago when his precious John Stoffa was thought to have opposition, Bernie posted some names and had a poll to see who people wanted a County Executive, Ron Heckman won in a walk. O'Hare immediately declared the poll was wrong, biased and rigged. His own poll! If one of his mancrushes had won, would O'Hare have done that?

    Facts are facts, and O'Hare has been taking swipes at Heckman for years. Ron is an honest straightforward guy, not into cutting deals with bloggers. That says it all. He also was never afraid to confront Angle or Stoffa. I hope he runs and all signs are he is. Thank God we don't have preordained candidates because of the money and power they have. Too bad Bernie. But at least you will have fun attacking the guy for months.

  9. I think that most of the people that read this blog are well aware of the lying done by O'Hare. I doubt that there are many people who beleive anything O'Hare writes about someone. We also know the more O'Hare goes after someone personally, the more they are probably a good person.