Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Personal Attacks...

...Don't work Bernie.

Consider that you have been calling us all sorts of names since the very beginning - didn't bother us then...what makes you think it will bother us today?

Remember, we told you long ago, if you keep telling lies about us, we will continue to tell the truth about you...and that's really all we have done. Yes - we know...the truth hurts more than lies ever can.

Now tell us Bernie - what do the two people pictured below have in common?

Rachel Farrell.JPGbangor_area_high_school_teacher

george hitcho mugGeorge_Hitcho_appeals_murder

 Yes Bernie - they broke the LAW...your so smart!

Where are they now Bernie?... 
...ding-ding-ding, yes - Bernie you got it again, they're in jail because they broke the law.

Now, the million dollar question Bernie:
What does John Stoffa have in common with the two pictured above?

John Stoffa
What do you mean you don't want to talk about that...
...well - We The People do!


  1. On your own blog O'liar you admitted you received help from the law firm . Stoffa paid for that whelp with our tax dollars. Illegal use of tax money! Get the picture?

  2. He refuses to admit that he gets it and never will. It will take an investigation from a state or federal agency to sort things out. This was a clear abuse of power and misuse of tax dollars.

  3. A bigger mis-use of tax dollars is the continuing funding of gracedale which is a losing entity of the county, primarily because of the union pukes that bleed all they can and give nothing in return. I can't wait until it gets sold and taken over by a private entity that eliminates the union cotracts.