Monday, June 11, 2012

Our Loving Friend...

...Bernard O'Hare the 3rd is so confused too.

But he helps again make our case. And Bernie...we want thank you so much for you help in making our case. Hopefully, you have jumped ship and are doing it out of the kindness of your heart.

The case Bernie (our new found Friend) is referring to on his latest blog post fake-rev-sore-winner deals with PRACTICING attorney Larry Otter pursuing Bernie and Ronny in court for payment of his legal fees...again we say, how exactly does that have anything to do with NEW evidence that has been provide to the proper authorities for investigation, relating to possibly as much as, or maybe more than $31,000.00 of tax payer money being used to finance the TEAM Angle/O'Hare private CITIZEN challenge of We The People's collected petition signatures? 

Bernie is a great DECEIVER as most magician are - he says look here at my left hand, while he is preparing to slap you with his right hand. That's just what magicians do...they distract you with a part of their illusion - to create a fantastic illusion...the problem for our friend Bernie is that we continue to see clearly his deception - sorry wool over our eyes.

To assist our friend we suggested questions he should-ask-instead. But he doesn't want to ask the real questions...why not? because our questions implicate him too.

When we asked Bernie if Mark Stewart of Eckard Seamans assitted him he said "I represented myself". And then we asked Mr-stoffa-can-you answer these questions?...he refused to. Instead, as our friend Bernie has so eloquently pointed out - Mr. Stoffa hired a lawyer. Now, why exactly would a person who has done nothing wrong hire a lawyer? But we give John credit for not hiring Bernie...we all know just how well that failed Angle.

Ladies and Gentlemen of NorCo, there is new evidence that should be investigated. Evidence that we honestly believe shows that all three, John Stoffa, Ron Angle, and our friend Bernard O'Hare used tax dollars to fund private goals, authorized by the County Executive himself. If our suspicion's are correct - a travesty has gone unnoticed. All that we are attempting is to shed some light on the darkness of our county. 

Keep up the good work Bernie - we couldn't have discovered half of what we have without your influence and direction - you will sink Johns the bottom. Thanks again Buddy ;-)


  1. O'Hare is just doing what he does best, spreading the hate. He is allowing anonymous hateful comments on his blog, as long as they attack other anonymous posters O'Hare doesn't agree with. Then O'Hare attacks the anonymous posters he deletes or mocks as anonymous.

    He is as he has always been, an unreformed angry alcoholic. He is in need of therapy but like most alcoholics,other guy. His outbursts of sheer hate and rage should be evidence enough of that.

    Stoffa for years worked with addicts of all kinds and knows how they operate, they are manipulative. Stoffa feels he can use a type like O'hare to his advantage and has done so for years. You need only go back over the Stoffa record both in Northampton and Lehigh counties to see how he manipulates others and somehow escapes the problems he creates.

    People had a chance to vote on the O'Hare Stoffa version of facts and overwhelmingly voted against them. Why do you think Stoffa is not running for re-election, he knows it would be a blow out against him.

    You have no choice but to accept this is the creature you are dealing with. O'Hare is hateful and will viciously lash out at others for his own actions. That is why he attacks some people he thinks may run for county executive and becomes buddies with others. Long after Stoffa is gone, O'Hare will be helping Stoffa and Angle's dream of dumping Gracedale. The last thing he wants is a person of integrity and honesty in office.

  2. Great comment, but more and more taxpayers are beginning to learn the truth.
    Be assured that valuable info is making the rounds.
    Finally,there exists a group of taxpayers who are never going to stop until all SEE the truth for themselves.
    Did this ever happen before?