Tuesday, June 5, 2012

O'Hare Thinks Gracedale Is A Joke...

...We The People don't!!!

His recent post 12:02 a.m. 06/05/12 shows that he too is sweating. We finally hit a nerve hard because he he sounds like, and appears to have LOST IT.

We've noticed that whenever O'Hare gets nervous...he begins to call people names - it's his defensive mechanism, you know.

He's is correct to be nervous, because he too can find himself in a compromising position...which may cost him the the most precious commodity anyone has - time.

He goes on to say: "To my credit, I've resisted the temptation to post this.  I have standards, damn it!"

REALLY...Standards??? Ladies and Gentlemen of NorCo - we chose to remove the link, however, on his post the word "this" is linked to a photo of an elder depicted horribly. And he says he has standards...if so, then his standards are as low as standards can go. If you view the depiction, you will see that O'Hare is truly PERVERTED!!!

He also goes on to educate the world saying: "I know this sort of thing because I'm a lawyer."

Well, this sounds like he is impersonating a lawyer...Like he wants to be what he is no longer. It seems that his memory is failing him...confusing him to believe he has something that was stripped away for among other things, being a liar.

 Mr. Stoffa can try to make things right with The People again, if he chooses to. Or, he can find himself waiting to see who his bunk mate will be...Maybe he gets lucky and bunks with a friend...

Just like Bill DeWeese and John Perzel are Cellmates - literally speaking. And today they are both surprised and sad...their faces tell the story.

As for Bernie...please feel free to continue to call us names...eventually, we will have all the ammo we need - and then we will see who has a sense of humor...and who does not!


  1. BO used to enjoy the fact that he could drive criticism away from his two co-horts and intimidate anyone who disagreed with him or the philosophy of his famous duo. But guess what, the reverse is now taking place and people are standing up to him. And, they do NOT fear him.
    The kitchen is hot and it is going to get hotter.
    If I were he, I'd stick to subjects which promote the truth.
    Talk about goons, he has proven to be the biggest goon of them all.
    Bernie O'Hare-Northampton County's Goon Of The Year.
    Hope you enjoy reaping what you sowed.

  2. O'Hare and his fellow neo-Naziis are continuing to make fun of the Rev. Martinez. This is the "man" Stoffa calls a great friend. The hate blog has the usual haters on there mocking the Rev. and Justice James. Of course O'Hare allows it even though he claims he deletes personal attacks. Yeah right, we know all about what he deletes.

    When Bill Whit has his next LV Hall of Shame nominees, please submit Bernard O'Hater's name. He should be the hands down winner.

  3. I can't wait for Gracedale to be sold and the Union Crushed and brought back to reality. The taxpayers of the county will find it to be the best thing that could happen when a private company takes over.

  4. Yeah, I read were O'Hare and his brownshirts think Rev. Martinez is funny. The underlying racism is so thick you can cut it with a knife. He also wants to bus tall unions.

    He and his brownshirted buddies have their own blog dedicated to hate.

  5. BO is a joke himself.A racist, I'm not sure;ajoke,I'm sure.

  6. His best buddy R.Angle was condemned by both the NAACP and the anti-Defamation League. Is it that hard to imagine the other two best buddies, O'Hare and Stoffa are far behind.

    O'Hare is the king of hate blogs and you only need to read what his hating buddies post to know what O'Hare is all about.

  7. I can tell you it is pretty obvious that O'hare is really sticking it to Ron Heckman because he may run for county executive. O'Hare has now jumped on the John Callahan bandwagon, due to some "vague deal". He is claiming Ron only has crazy people who support him. I happen to know he has a large silent but strong base of support among a broad spectrum of people.

    So Callahan wants the O'Hare endorsement, well all I can say is good luck with that Mr. Callahan.

    If O'hare is going to attack and demean Ron Heckman for telling the truth about Gracedale, I think I know where I stand in the upcoming election.

    Never again O'Hare, never again!

  8. I told Ron about the O'Hare attacks. He said he realized his opposition to the Gracedale sale would result in some of Stoffa's supporters getting on him. He did tell me if he runs for County Executive it won't have anything to do with who else is running or how much money they have. He is legitimately concerned about the county's future.

    I get the sense he may be ready to leave retirement and get involved again.

  9. Looks like BO had no snitches in the exec session, so he's not happy on his blog today. When is "Bobble-Head" going to show up for work? Did she quit?

  10. She should cut the strings and RUN

  11. It seems to me that bo left the counsel meeting before every one else, yet he was seen leaving the courthouse with Stoffa later that same evening, bo must have been lost in the courthouse and maybe Stoffa had to help bo find the exit.

  12. Was that clay on their hands?

  13. Word on the street is bo and DUTCH 8 sound like the same person. Does make one wounder.

  14. BO IS DUTCH 8 and he knows it

  15. Word on the street is, we have known his for a long time. And a few more he uses. bo said he posts in his name only. Well there goes the neighborhood.

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