Friday, June 22, 2012

As You All Know... now - The SWAPTION chapter in NorCo is closed.

Unless of course County Executive John Stoffa found a way to mess things up again.

And no...we don't want to appear to be head-hunting, We're not. We're just so tired of all the deception, distortion, and twisting of the TRUTH...that the only way we know how to expose it is by blaring a bright light on it.

As we understood it (could not hear everything being said because mics were off) The swaption total buyout is $27.5 Million Dollars, and nothing to show for it. An astronomical amount that never had to be...and yes it could have been use among other things - to sustain Gracedle for five years without any tax increases...Oh yeah, right - but STOFFA happened.

And in the end, it will actually cost us more because instead of the twenty five million allocated from the reserve funds, eighteen million will be used instead, which means that over the course of time - interest will be paid on the remaining 9.5 that will be borrowed.

But at least this chapter on how to create a mess, and then do nothing with the mess - is finally over.

As we can see from the amount that the SWAPTION reached...selling Gracedale made so much sense to know, those that were willing to make another mistake to cover the first mistake, and then they said "I DIDN'T KNOW".

We can take "I didn't know" to mean many things like:
  • I didn't know how to make a decision, or
  • I didn't know if I should do what angle wanted, or
  • I didn't know if I should do what the 23k+ wanted
  • "I never knew worldwide economics affected Northampton County,"
  • I, I, I, aye-aye-aye
JOHN STOFFA at his very best is just so incompetent.

No one is saying that running a county the size of NorCo is easy, but, if you can't make sound decisions on behalf of the people who elected you, especially when they collect 23k signatures to express their direction for you...then really - you should not be in office.

You would do the County of Northampton so much good if you just stepped down Mr. Stoffa. It has been quite apparent over the last several years that you are just not capable of handling the job, or worst are in the job just to serve yourself, and a few friends.


  1. The amount to buy out of Swaption? $27 mil.
    The amount Council threw at the problem? $18 mil.
    The amount Council will finance? $9 mil.
    The amount of documentation attached to the Council's decision? Zero.
    Watching our elected representatives make decisions without a scrap of proof in front of them, PRICELESS.

  2. Saw this on the O'Hare blog and thought it bared repeating. I am glad I copied it because O'Hre deleted it. H also lied and said, "It was another anonymous attack", even though it is signed. So with all given respect to the author here it is.

    "Bernie's defense of Stoffa is fair. It reminds me of George Wallace, the one time Governor of Alabama.

    The state was very,very segregated at the that time of the sixties. Some that were close to Wallace said he should embraced the new Civil Rights movement and move toward desegregation, even if slowly. However, he was a strong and proud old southern governor.

    He at one time actually toyed with some sort of phased plan. unacceptable but at least a plan.

    However, in the end, he did nothing, sure that this new fangled liberal idea of desegregation was going to work against him politically and he would be wise to just stick with the status quo. After all, segregation had been in place since the Civil War and it worked damn well, if you were white. So its not like Old George
    Wallace created slavery, why do something that might get people angry at him.

    So today he is best known for blocking the doors of Ole Miss saying, "Segregation now, segregation forever".

    As with Stoffa, it is much easier to say, "hey the swaption was created by someone else, why should I mess with it. I don't like it but if I do something, I might have people mad at me some day. So I will do nothing". sort of Johns thing.

    "So Bernie's defense is fair and has historical precedent for ducking your responsibility as a leader.

    George Nast"

    Very well put. O'Hare lied again and is now angry at all the people calling foul on Stoffa's inability to lead. Old BO screams, "were was everyone seven years ago on the swaption"? I think the answer is they all voted for John Stoffa who said he would clean up all the Reibman messes. They voted Mr. Stoffa into office to do what a leader should do, lead. The voters then went back about their business making a living and paying for Stoffa and company's salaries and multiple benefits and pensions. No one twisted Stoffa's arm to run for county executive and be the leader he promised he would be. We were so wrong.

    So once again O'Hare is shown not to be the nonobjective writer but really the lair we all know him as.

    Remember this folks. If you are anonymous but praise a Bernie O'Hare mancrush, you are really not anonymous. But if you sign your name and take issue with an O'Hare mancrush, you are really anonymous.

    It may sound crazy but crazy rules in the world of O'Hare

  3. Great post. By the way, O'Hare has thrown up his arms in disgust. He had a hissy fit and closed commenting. He put up the swaption thread and almost everyone posted that Stoffa should have done something sooner and dropped the ball. O'Hhares defense became more and more bizarre. He was like a crazy Joseph Goebbels, trying to defend his Fuhrer to the end. I guess he had enough and just stopped allowing posts.

    The point most people made was good. It really doesn't matter what "people" said or did six, five, four or any years ago about the sawption. What mattered is what our county leaders "did about it. Stoffa first ran on "cleaning up messes", then he proceeded to do nothing.

    It was not the role of the electorate having elected Stoffa to come and then also do the job they elected him to do. Stoffa was elected to do these things. The defense that Stoffa did not have to lead because non elected people didn't lead is asinine.

    The shame is O'Hare knows this. He is crazy but not stupid. O'Hare is either knowingly lying to defend Stoffa or he has some warped allegiance or love for the man that transcends reason.

    Who knows but most people reacted the same way. They thanked the County Council for finally doing the job John Stoffa failed to do for seven years.

  4. Better yet is the fact that Ohare would really rather be on our side right now, he just doesn't understand how to transform, so instead he conforms. Well good luck with that. let me know how it works out for you Bernie.

  5. I would have a hard time trusting Bernie O'Hare, even if God was standing next to him.