Thursday, June 21, 2012

Attack In Another Direction

Yes ladies and gentlemen...the attacks are once again coming to divert your attention. O'Hare posted on his blog another attack on the HONEST County Controller Steve Barron. Why?
  • 1) Because he's desperate and wants to discredit Mr. Barron, and
  • 2) He's desperate and wants to take YOUR attention away from a certain reality - THE SWAPTION IS NOW AT 27.1 million dollars.

We are using the more reserved number, but, if we're correct we also heard the number 27.6 million used as well. In fact that is the number the Express Times is using. See: swaption_figure_rises

The real problem here is not Mr. Barron blowing the whistle on an asbestos problem - that Mr. Stoffa did not really want to address and certainly did not want exposed. No, the real Problem is that Stoffa, as with everything else - does not want to deal with the issues he should deal with such as an asbestos (the law library is closed again) asbestos_shuts_down_NorCo problem that O'Hare claims goes back twenty years.

Is that so? If the asbestos issue goes back twenty years and Stoffa was handling it...then why would Mr. Barron have to blow the whistle? Great question...get the picture here.

As Mr. Stoffa continues to connive, the real hot issue of the moment continues to get hotter, 27.1 is the issue at hand. The issue that they are trying to divert our attention away from.

As we understand it, the truth is that Mr. Barron tried to reason with Mr. Stoffa relating to the asbestos issue, which by the way ladies and gentlemen of NorCo - still exist today, but, when Stoffa refused to see the light, Mr. Barron did the right thing. And we feel he did the right thing because in our opinion, when you know that something is wrong and decide to say nothing, to simply look the other way, because you don't want to go against the grain, or ruffle any feathers...then you become part of the problem, and are just as responsible as the culprit(s) which chose instead to hide the TRUTH. Mr. Barron to his credit...decided to be part of the solution instead, and for that they chastise him.


Ladies and gentlemen of NorCo, we commenced this year (if memory serves us right) well under $25,000,000.00, and come May the deal was supposed to be settled, authorized by County Council to be settled at $25,000,000.00.
What happened?

John Stoffa our opinion, and we are not trying to be mean-spirited, he is incompetent. It's that simple.

Sure we can look at others in his administration, but really...isn't he the one in CONTROL. Isn't he the one we pay a much larger salary than the Controller to make tough decisions on our behalf. To pull the trigger so to speak, and make GOOD things happen for the COUNTY.

Yeah right...what good things has he done in the last seven years in office for the great County of Northampton? We ask the question because everything he has done can be picked apart as a failure.

"I never knew worldwide economics affected Northampton County," Stoffa said Tuesday.

Rest assured ladies and gentlemen of NorCo...when the time comes to raise taxes - Stoffa is the culprit...and the SWAPTION is the reason!


  1. How stupid Stoffa was to show his absolute ignorance by making the comment that "I NEVER KNEW WORLDWIDE ECONOMICS AFFECTED NORTHAMPTON COUNTY" A high school student understands the affects of world economics. And this man is our leader? God help us! No wonder our county is struggling with so many very serious problems.

  2. However, at one of the council meetings, Stoffa did, indeed, refer to our global economy.
    So, is he lying or is he beginning with dimentia? Either way, he is off track and should give himself a break and step down before he completely ruins our county.
    Everything that he said in his speeches on Gracedale were deceptions.
    The SWAPTION was the problem all along,and he still continues to ignore it.

  3. I would hp[e that at this point and with that foolish statement, all people would hope Mr. Stoffa leave office. One and a half years is too long. he is at this point a detriment to the ongoing will being of the county.

    If he has any honor hew would resign by at least the end of the year and let county council appoint someone to start fixing things.

    They could appoint someone who will not run for county executive to take politics out of it.

    I am not holding my breath but the man is truly incompetent and should leave as soon as possible before he does any more damage to the county.

  4. thanks for pointing out where the responsibility lies.

  5. Word on the street is, where is M. I. A. no show for counsel meeting may be all his lying is catching up with him?

  6. BO is writing praises about Scott Parson, about time he recognize excellence, when compared to the dummie he replaced.

  7. Glad Scott closed the chapter angle helped to open:

    Mcall: "Heinel, a consultant from Wayne, Delaware County, and Angle campaign contributor, helped arrange the county's swaption by introducing council to Concord."

  8. It is time to get Scott Parsons out of office. He is taking our money away from Gracedale. He needs to go now!

  9. Anon 12:31 let me see if I understnd you. Scott Parsons right or wrong should be thown out of office because he had the courage to do something? Allow my point of view, i may not be in total agreement with the method, and only the future will tell if it was right or wrong, but at least a decision was made. Your buddy John Stoffa had plenty of opportunities to do something, and he did nothing. No one wanted to leave yesterday until confirmation came that Stoffa had made the call to close the deal, because they were afraid he would do nothing again. I too have been confused by some of the things Scott has done, for example, voting in favor of taking the swaption issue behind closed doors, however, I hope he had good reason. We however, as a county are better served by Scott Parsons than by Angle Stoffa and you!

  10. Love your picture of the three cronies. That about sums up county government for the past seven years. No more political gangs. After these three clowns, we have had enough.

  11. I think we should borrow all the money needed to pay off the swaption and spread the payments out by amortizing over a 30 yr period with a baloon payment in 4 years. That way when gracedale is sold the proceeds can be used to pay off the loan. This way we accomplish paying off the swaption and get rid of a dead horse " Gracedale" and the union all at the same time.

  12. Parsons needs to stay --his idea of borrowing the money to pay for the swaption should be expanded and borrow all they need--extend the payments on the loan as far as possible and pay of the loan with the proceeds from the sale of Gracedale which will surely happen when the 5 years runs out. At that point the county will be better off with the high price union thugs finally gone. A private company will be better than the county to run the place.