Saturday, June 2, 2012

We Have To Sell Gracedale Says Stoffa - 2011...

First he wanted to lease - then he said SELL.

On February 22, 2011, the Easton Patch reported the following:

"Gracedale may not survive if it isn't sold, Northampton County Executive John Stoffa told reporters Tuesday."

We know the Executive flip flopped because he initially did say he was not in favor of selling, but of leasing. So what converted him to the sell side? Hmmm - let's see...there must have been an Angle to his conversion.

During this same press conference, Stoffa announced that he would be appealing Judge Barattas ruling. This after promising members of COAF that he would not go beyond the the courts ruling. He then CHANGED HIS MIND saying:

"We cannot have 23,000 county executives making a decision and have a representative form of government".

Well, we did not then, and we do not today have 23,000 executives, we have only one. What Mr. Stoffa seems incapable of comprehending is that a representative form of government is supposed to represent it's People (the 23,000+ petition signers) - he did not represent The Peoples desires...but his own. The critical point is...instead of doing the will of The People...he did will of Stoffa, and by challenge the 23,000 he was supposed to represent, he threw our Representative form of government right out the window.

EP continues with it's report saying:

"Mario Martinez, spokesman for the group trying to keep Gracedale publicly-owned, said he was disappointed with Stoffa's plan to appeal, saying that the executive had told members of the group that he would let Baratta have the last word.

Stoffa acknowledged that he had said that, but later changed his mind after thinking the issue over and considering how the petition affected Gracedale in particular and county government in general.

Martinez, like Stoffa, cited the founding fathers, saying the Constitution gives people the right to petition for redress.

The Gracedale decision, he said, should be made by the entire county, "not just nine people," a reference to the members of county council.

Martinez said his group is not deterred by Stoffa's appeal. He also dismissed a recent news report that said the group was out of money.

"We know we're going to win this," he said. "We're prepared to fight this to the very end."

We said it then John...and we are still saying it today - we're in this till the very end. We will keep our eyes on you - because we don't TRUST YOU!

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Also watch his video at the same link.


  1. I am shocked that liar or not that our county exec does not understand what to do when the will of the people is expressed via the VOTE-the basis of our freedom.
    His job is to represent the people and do everything that he can to comply with the VOTE of the people who elected him via the VOTE.

  2. Word on the street is, that Stoffas appeal went to the three judge pannel, who forward it to the full court in Pittsburg and he still lost. Stoffa, till this day is still trying to run Gracedale into the ground. He is delaying everything he can to try and destroy Gracedale. This includes spending all the money he can to set the county up for a large tax increase and blame Gracedale WHY?

  3. Why? Because he is a broken politician and refuses to accept his loss.
    Therefore, he is bound and determined to recapture his pride.
    Never is this going to happen.Would you have any faith or trust in a county executive who continually lies and defies the will of the taxpayer?

  4. Folks you must remember some history related to me by a former county official. Somewhere back in 2002 or 2003, during a budget meeting, wrong Angle was doing his usual screaming spoiled child act on a Director. Angle was mad that Gracedale had run a deficit that one year. When the Director tried to explain the reason, in typical wrong Angle fashion, the evil one attacked saying that he had talked to his friend, "John Stoffa" and they both agreed that Gracedale can't work the way it is now. He suggested "changing" it. Possibly getting out of the business.

    So you see, sometimes things have their roots in history and decisions are made long before you hire a consultant to say what you want.

  5. When he denied for months there was no 60 million dollars that could be tapped to repay the swaption, fund the DUI center,purchase an Archieve building, update the Gracedale facility etc. people believed him ----almost. For awhile they thought it MIGHT be necessary to sell Gracedale.
    Then the Voters, thru the democratic process, said NO--Don't sell.
    Guess what...The lying Stoffa has somehow FOUND all the money he needed to do ALL the things HE wanted to do WITHOUT selling Gracdale.
    The proble with this is that he has gone on a spending spree.
    He is depleting our reserve to the point that perhaps taxes WILL have to be increased and Stoffa will then TRY to blame Gracedale.
    He is by far the worst County Exec we have ever elected!!!

  6. Stoffa is either so arrogant or so stupid that he does not even know that his world is collapsing all around him.
    Can he possibly believe that The People haven't figured him out yet.
    The last thing he ought not try to do-after his spending spree- is to blame Gracedale for anything.
    He knows which 2 people ,besides himself, that ARE to blame!

  7. Remember when they, (THE THREE STOOGES) wanted to sell Gracedale we heard that taxes would go up 8%, 13%, 15%, 20% when that did not work we were told it would go up 30%. After the election we found out that there was no need for a tax increase. The money was hiding and was pulled from a hat. Honesty in its finest form.

  8. No question Human Services Department is in need of some major league experience and leadership. Stoffa and his hand picked clown Marcus have all but destroyed it. It will only get worse.