Monday, June 4, 2012

What Does It Mean For Stoffa?

Orie was sentenced earlier today to 2 1/2 years for doing the same thing that  County Executive John Stoffa has what does it mean for Mr. Stoffa? Only the near future will tell.

In any case John, take a note: things are only going to get HOTTER.

There are plans in the works as this post is written that will definitely ROCK your world for the last time. And unless you redeem yourself by initiating a legal action against O'Hare for his most recent  LIE and SLANDER of Gracedale, matters will only get worst for you. We The People can see you sweating.

Understand John, O'Hare is already done. No reputable politician will associate themselves with fact, they are pleased to see him going down in flames.

It's only a matter of time John - Orie didn't think she would ever go to jail for what she did - did she? But look at her now - she is in jail!

The only way you can begin to mend the relationship YOU broke with The to do the right thing John, and on behalf of The People you are supposed to be serving...pursue legal action against O'Hare. Do that and perhaps we can learn to trust you again...MAYBE!!!


  1. At this very time,O'Hater is using vile and filthy words to describe Rev. Martinez. His comments mock the good Reverend's ethnicity and his appearance. How can Stoffa be so close to such a wretched person. I cannot understand it.

    I know Congressman Dent and I am going to have to tell him that his close association with the social deviate O'Hare will cost him my vote in the future.

    To the Callahan folks. You decided to reach out to O'Hare. You decided to get him on board your train. You will not get my or my families Democratic votes next year. I can see you already have him casting slurs at Ron Heckman, a decent and honorable man, who I pray decides to run for County Executive, as he will humble those who think they are so proud and mighty and above the people.

    Remember you are who you associate with. You are all free to make O'Hater your bedfellow but you then bear the consequences of being involved with such a vile and despicable creature.

    God Bless the Gracedale Guardians!!

  2. It is revolting to see the disgusting piece of vermin operating as usual, after he has attacked the First Amendment Right to Free Speech, by filing the most frivilous, nonsensical libel action against yours truly in Northampton County Court.

    He must think that he is the only person in Norco with First Amendment Protection. As infuriating as it is COAF, the photo he posted showing elderly folks rolling a joint is considered a "parody"...that is, a depiction of someone that cannnot be taken the person reading the article knows it is a joke. A parody enjoys full first amendment protection as seen is US Supreme Court case Hustler vs. Falwell, where the owner of Hustler (Flint) published a parody about Mr. Falwell, announcing that he lost his virginity to his mother in an outhouse.

    I have a similar parody on my website that announces Mr. O'Hare has no d*ck. Of course he does not, but the average reader would think it is a joke. Curiously, my parody has not been included in his lawsuit for libel.

    The truth about the disgusting and revolting O'Hare will be playing itself out in a courtroom very soon. Since I have been blamed for assailing his character, and Mr. Angle's character, I have planned a rather large bus trip to the courthouse, in which about 300 (hopefully more) witnesses will board a bus, then line up outside the courtroom, waiting to testify about the likes of O'Hare and Angle.

    Word on the street is, Charlie Dent may be one of those people, as is Don Cunningham, Sal Panto, Pat Browne, Ed Pawlowski, John Stoffa, Randy Miller, John Callahan, Steve Barron, LaMont McClure, Ann McHale, Alan Jennings, and the list goes on.....of course Mr. Orloski will try to quash those subpeonas, but we'll have to wait and see.

  3. Just tell the truth. Mr. O'Hare has made himself a "public figure" and the courts generally give great leeway to people talking about public figures. O'Hare has allowed so much crap about people on his blog, more than any other site in the area. He has often deleted things he doesn't like, so the idea that his is not a "moderated" blog is silly.

    Again, tell the truth. It is your word and words of many, agsainst his. This is a self-made public figure who enjoys filming unrelated young boys playing sports. With the Jerry Sandusky revelations, it is good to know and one can speculate.

    Don't let this "I am still a lawyer" guy frighten you. Orloski is a hired leagal gun and his job is to intimidate and get money, hopefully not in court but by scaring people.

    You may want to ask for a change of venue if the judge is a friend of O'Hares. Ultimately, by O'Hare's own actions, this will eventually be thrown out but in the meantime he will employ the old Angle trick of wearing you down in court.

  4. BO has already been broken. He just doesn't want to admit it.
    Nobody cares about his personal attacks.

  5. I can't wait to see how much the wicked witch of the west has to pay Mr O'Hare when he trumps her in the court. She'll be crying bankrupcy to get away from all she will have to pay while Bernie has his day and can show her he really does have a dick and knows where to put it.