Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Northampton County Controller's Office

We took the liberty to research the County Controllers core function and discovered the following right on Northamptoncounty.org:
(Speaking of the controller's office)

Our purpose is to audit County departments and entities receiving County funds in accordance with the Home Rule Charter and to make recommendations to County management that will improve the economy and efficiency of County operations, ensure compliance with laws and regulations, and strengthen internal controls safeguarding County assets.

The County's Home Rule Charter established the Controller's office as the internal audit function of the county in 1978. The Controller is elected and is independent of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government. The Controllers Office conducts financial and performance audits of agencies receiving, disbursing or authorizing the disbursement of County funds, as well as the records of contracted service providers.

Okay, that established, why isn't Eckart Seamans cooperating with the Controllers office? It appears as if they are giving him the run-around hoping that he will forget about it...but that isn't possible because We The People will not allow him to forget.

And this is where we begin to run out of patience...if County Executive John Stoffa has done absolutely nothing wrong, then why isn't he mandating publicly that Eckart Seamans cooperate fully with the Controller?

After all, Mr Stoffa hired the firm that boast "At Eckert Seamans, we consider ourselves to be part of our clients' teams and help answer the daily challenges confronting them".

The executive should without hesitation, point them directly to the controller and say - be the team player that we hired you to be and provide our controller all documents he request...end of story!

To do less than that presents an atmosphere of possible corruption and/or wrong doing. Consider that if the Controller discovers and establishes that all the records jive, then he can announce there is no wrong doing, present the evidence of his findings - case closed.

So why is Mr. Stoffa allowing it to appear that someone is trying to hide something? Really, think about it - why else would anyone not cooperate? Unless of course, he actually does have something to hide. HMMM.


  1. This post hits the nail right on the head GREAT JOB!

  2. With all the taxes we pay, one would believe that somebody in our county government would begin to investigate this matter.
    What do we pay these people for? The truth will come out sooner or later.The sooner,more money saved.

  3. Stoffa doesn't get it. As simple as it is stated in this artical, is as simple as it is. This is not going to end unless soffa gets off his butt and tells mark to turn over the documents. and this post is correct to say that if he has nothing to hide he should just turn over the documents. if not he looks guilty. go figure?

  4. Mark Steward wants everyone to turn to the county for the billing answers.

  5. Which means that Stoffa will have to tell the truth which he doesn't know how to do.

  6. Why can't Barron just cite Semans and Exkert for failing to cooperate with a county audit of their work and get subpoenas issued. If he is serious about looking into this he will do that. I won't hold my breath.

    so far the County Council a is as quiet as a church mouse about this corruption and the controller is making a lot of noise but not really doing anything. How deep does this conspiracy go?

    By the way O'Hare claims that after the five years, Gracedale is automatically sold. I don't believe that was part of the referendum.

  7. The resolution, (not a referendum) a request is posted here on Friday May 18 second post behind (WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING) read for your self. Seems like bo is blowing smoke again. Anyone heard from M.I.A.

  8. If i were accused of wrongdoing that I know I didn't do I would do everything possible to clear my name. Evidently Stoffa either doesn't care about his reputation or is guilty as sin. Council should back Barron and demand he follow thru with a complete investigation. Taxpayers deserve to know the truth!

  9. as far as contracts go, the controller simply needs to review the contract between the county and eckard seemans to discover if he as the controller has the right to request information, in most cases the controller is written into the contract bc the controller is the auditor. if the language is in the contract, eckard seemans must provide the requested info or they violate the very contract they are obligated legally to carry out.

  10. So what is the problem? If teletubby Barron is any sort of elected official he can go to court and get the information. If his bulk is all air, he won't.

  11. We just removed a comment that we believe to be Bernie - if it is not send - verification and we will re-post.

    O'hare is not welcomed on this blog because he will not allow us on his - STAY OFF!

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  13. Off topic here, but O'Hater fails once again to stick to the facts. He extrapolated 1 paragraph from a 13 page Preliminary Objection that I filed with the court in late May. The pleading was a "request for special accomodations" at trial.

    I requested permission from the court to testify from a closed circuit TV, in order to avoid being in the same room with O'Hare. That I fear for my life when in the presence of O'Hare, and that I must be sedated to prevent and cure situational panic attacks when he is near, the request for special accomodations is needed. In light of the fact that I have now contacted 24 different lawyers and have been rejected 24 times, providing a pro se defense in the same room with this seething and vile lunatic stalker would be next to impossible to do.

    Naturally, he spins and spins this one paragraph to mean I am incapable and undeserving of a License to Carry a Firearm.

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    well then.....

    deadly force can and will be used

  14. Tricia,

    Why won't Attorney Otter represent you?

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