Friday, June 8, 2012

Are WE Really The People?...

...YES - Absolutely.

Wait a minute - most of those who have come against the very PEOPLE they are supposed to be serving don't believe there is ABSOLUTE TRUTH...if they did, they wouldn't be telling half TRUTHS, would they? And if that's absolutely TRUE...then wait a minute - doesn't that means they do believe in absolute TRUTH?...Well yes, possibly - but, well - perhaps they don't realize it...and - they just don't know what they believe.

Some of them say - well that's your truth, and while we respect it, it's not our truth. Isn't that what they call TOLERANCE - yes, ABSOLUTELY - that's what they call it! Are you ABSOLUTELY sure that's what they call it? Yes, yes we're sure!

The problem with tolerance is that it doesn't REALLY work...and we as a society know it. For example, if our society was truly tolerant, we would release all of our incarcerated, and never ever incarcerate anyone...yup - that's right. WHY? Because whatever they did to become incarcerate was simply their that makes it okay, right?...WRONG!!! Our society has established laws based on absolute principles and moral values. Is that absolutely true...yes - all of our incarcerated are still incarcerated, aren't they? YES...that makes so much sense. is safe to say - ABSOLUTELY - that when a person breaks the law of the land, they should be incarcerated! Because it is ABSOLUTELY true that you cannot break the law. So, if John Stoffa and his band of fools broke the law...shouldn't they too be incarcerated...

Is your head spinning yet? ABSOLUTELY - but we still won't tolarate an incompetant Executive...are you sure? ABSOLUTELY;-)

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