Saturday, June 23, 2012

Near Defeat!!!

"Bernie O'Hare said...
Post your anonymous nonsense on the hate blogs out there. I am tired of seeing Stoffa attacked for cleaning up a mess he did not create and being put in a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. What is especially irksome is that the people who now complain he should have done something years ago were themselves sitting on their hands at the time. Moreover, these attacks are being made anonymously. Not one of these arm-chair executives has the courage to take responsibility for what he or she writes. So the hell with them."

REALLY - We The People by the power of our vote told your pitiful Executive what he should do - when in fact we shouldn't have to...and what did he do? HE IGNORED US - Well now Bernie - he must pay the price for his foolishness. It seems that you love Stoffa more than you loved don't seem to mention him anymore - why not?

You reap what you sow OUR reap what you sow.


  1. Since O'Hare has closed down anonymous comments, note how little activity is on his blog. He loves to brag about how well read his blog is, yet everytime he has a temper tantrum and shuts down comments, no one posts. Can you blame them.

    I don't know if you know this but if someone would write a letter to the editor about Angle or Stoffa. They would find the guys phone number and Angle would call and harang the guy. Who needs that crap from these clowns. Even O'hare would start to write things about the person and their family whoi was commenting, if he was mad.

    So the great O'Hare and his hate blog are like most political blogs. If you allow anonymous comments peole will come on, if not they won't.

    But his rant on Stoffa's lack of leadership is very revealing of O'Hare and especially Stoffa. I wonder just what Stoffa though he was supposed to do as county executive. As one regular high level county employee told me, based on the past seven years, not much. Just show up and make more money.

  2. A crazy hater. he has been exposed for what he is and he must live with it. The era of the big bad three is ending.