Wednesday, June 20, 2012

He Thinks...

...Only he has the "Right To Know!"

On O'Hare's blog he states the following comment today:
"I see. I do file RTK requests, am largely successful, have won every OOR appeal I've filed, and make an effort to be reasonable. I know of some people who use it to harass. I believe in transparent government, not harassment, and use the RTK law for that purpose, as well as to expose some pretty disgusting people who should never serve in any office."

"I know some people who use it to harass." do we! - BO himself has been known to harass many people using these RTK request.

O'Hare misuses the system to create non existing issues, that in his demented mind are okay to create. But, heaven forbid that someone else uses it because it's their right too...he chastises them on his blog for doing so.

He goes on to say "I believe in transparent government" - Wow...REALLY? Then why is it that he feels Stoffa should not be held accountable for his actions, or lack of action? And why is it that when it came to Ron Angle, O'Hare felt that no on had the right to know anything, just as he feels today about John Stoffa?

Transparency in government means that all works must be performed in the open - so why exactly did John Stoffa decide to take the very important SWAPTION matter behind CLOSED DOORS during the last County Council meeting? Very transparent right?

Of course NOT! But, it's okay with the nonsensical ignoramus because after all, it's his buddy we're talking about, and some speculate his benefactor. And in NI's eyes - it's okay for County Executive John Stoffa to conduct the county's business behind closed doors so that no one outside of government (except BO who has been seen running into Stoffa's office right after meeting's) knows what's going on. Is that TRANSPARENCY?

He boast that he uses the system "to expose some pretty disgusting people who should never serve in any office." Man...this dude is definitely off his rocker - if this statement is true, we have to ask - why doesn't he want John Stoffa exposed?

As We The People understand it - the County Executive is currently not cooperating with an investigation that may very well prove that he used tax-dollars illegally to serve his own peronal and partisan tell us Bernie, why exactly aren't you trying to expose Stoffa? Oh yeah...that's right - because it will also expose YOU, and Angle too!



  1. The RTK law has exposed the truth about the lies told by the miserable trio---Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare! They can't deny it so they are hiding from it! The truth shall be the undoing of them all.

  2. O'Hare is known as "hypocrite" by all, even those who pretend to care for the guy. he is a disgusting mess.

    He condemns anyone who uses the same rights he abuses. It will be great when Stoffa is gone and O'Hare is no longer granted special treatment and access at the government center. he will then have to get use to be treated like everyone else.

    By the way where does he get all this money he is flashing around now??

  3. BO must be desperate by now.Nobody really cares about what he thinks or says.And those who are playacting in front of him are also in for an awakening.

  4. I wouldn't be so sure about the whole "O'Hare will be gone" thing. Word is he has been pulled into the Callahan camp. Last year he smashed the guy day in and day out on his record as mayor. Of course Callahan was running against Dent, an original O'Hare mancrush. Now O'Hare claims Callahan was a super mayor and a great guy.

    Politicos on the street have said that an old O'Hare buddy from the Reibman days got to O'Hare and flipped him. The Gracedale issue was part of the discussion.

    All we know is O'Hare is a sneaky creature and anyone who cuts a deal with that devil will end up taking the wrong Angle. It is sad it has come to this.

    We won't sell our county out O'Hare. Go with the money but that is a fact!

  5. O'Hare sells his stinking arse to whomever is willing to pay for his meal ticket...right now its Angle...who will be next when Angle goes to jail for tax fraud?

  6. Word on the street is John Callahan.