Monday, June 11, 2012

The Three Conspiring Connivers

Yes, it could be the three Stooges instead but...

...the Stooges are brilliant in comparison.

Ladies and Gentlemen of NorCo Look at this photo carefully, can you see what we see?

Look at the stern hateful look on John Stoffas face. And look at the despair and concern look on our new friend Bernie O'Hares face, and while we can't see Ron's face (he covered it with his shoulder so that we could not read his lips)  from the looks of this photo he seems to be advising the other two that he doesn't care what happens to's time to cut and run...and hide! He hasn't been seen of heard from since.

The photo above was taken at their favorite diner, where they usually go to connive after the County Council meetings.

It certainly appears like they are very concerned about the new-found evidence that implicates all three...

...Stay tuned - but keep your things are really starting to heat up in the kitchen.


  1. The trio is now sinking quickly.
    The three of them cannot admit the truth.
    If the newspaper was given the same info which the council received,why doesn't some clever soul read it?
    The info is never going to disappear. All of
    NORCO should read how these 3 POLITICIANS operate.
    Intimidation is now a thing of the past;truth has emerged.

  2. Is that the Tic Tock restaurant they are in? How can you folks even stomach going to the same place as those three.

  3. How ignorant O'Lair is!!! He's on his blog still denying any wrong doing. What a jerk! Who does this creature from below think has given him the right to be allowed to have TAX DOLLARS spent on him??????? STOFFA? ANGLE? WRONG~~~NOBODY.I am confident that if any one of us had asked for legal advice then had the bill sent to Stoffa we would have been locked away as CRIMINALS. PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH SPECIAL FAVORS GIVEN IN GOVERNMENT. DOESN'T O'LIAR READ THE PAPERS?

  4. If they are going to prosecute some one in Easton for TWO DOLLARS. What are they going to do for THRITY ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS? The bills prove it.

  5. He is on hate blog harassing Les,who is trying to educate O'hare on what happened. All O'hare is interested in is identifying Les and not promising to attack Les' family.

    O'Hare is mentally ill and Stoffa should be ashamed of using someone who is not mentally competent.

    He is surprised his "grandson" picked a sport to play that O'Hare can't attend. The poor kid doesn't know how to break the news to the guy, that he is creeped out by him always following him around. They are not even related. Really creepy. How many old men retain very close relationship with the grandchildren of their old girlfriends.

    Sick man, very sick.

  6. Where is M.I.A. word is he is backdooring a deal with the old prision, site near the old Met Ed site.

  7. Just want to say thank you to all of COAF for still fighting this fight. They thought you would all be gone by now but here you still are holding thier feet to the fire just like you said you would, they can say anything they want to about you all, but you dont move, awsome just awsome. And to the fake rev, maybe your a real rev and maybe your not who really cares? but one thing for sure your a man of God, that shows in your walk. God bless all of u.

  8. I told a good man who wants to run for county office but knows he can't make the promises to get the big cash, it isn't all about money.

    I hope he runs and I think we can prove 'people poewer' can make all the difference and the county can come back to the people.
    It is my dream, after all this disappoitment.