Thursday, June 28, 2012


NOTE: We decided to post this letter in its entirety because it raises many points that may be lost in translation or otherwise misunderstood.

Mr. McNaulty has been consulting at Gracedale since 01/09/12 regarding Gracedale, however, it was pointed out during a recent CC meeting that he was not asked his opinion on this matter, why not?

So, as we read the letter, he was inspired to write the letter concerned that disbanding the Gracedale Wound Care Team could be a tremendous mistake for the future of Gracedale.

On that note we have to ask:

· why - if we hired this consulting company for their expertise, wouldn't we involve him in discussions that would render such a recommendation? and
· why after reviewing this letter, which as we understand it was presented to Premier, Stoffa, and CC, has the letter been ignored?
· Is this more evidence that County Executive John Stoffa is trying to run Gracedale down into the ground?

Just a few the letter:

"To whom it may oncern,

It has come to my attention that the wound team at Gracedale is being phased out, with wound care being provided by floors individually. This would raise many concerns from quality of care, safety and costs to Gracedale. I have been providing consulting services since 01/09/12 with this team and have the excellent quality of care being provided. Our group Mobile Wound Consultants provides consulting services to over 40 facilities in the tri-state areas, most being smaller than Gracedale. All these facilities provide care to wound patients with a treatment nurse or nurses with direction provided free of cost by
Mobile Wound consultants. This is not possible without a central organizing unit such as the treatment team.

With 650 beds Gracedale is the largest facility in our group we provide services for. From my first months there it would appear to me that a more centralized approach is needed, not one which isolates unit. Products, protocols, treatment modalities and documentation will be altered and inconsistent. This will leave Gracedale open to law suites, F tags and other issues which crop up in facilities without a central wound team and adjunct weekly rounds.
I would recommend other cost cutting measures, such as reevaluation of treatment formularies and reimbursement for secondary dressings. There also seams to be a lot of escorts to outside centers when services are often provided in house. Centrally locating higher acuity wound patients to a couple units would also cut costs. One lawsuit settled out of court will offset any monetary gains by relinquishing wound team of its duties. I am willing to meet with administration, nurses et all to further discuss alternative cost cutting measures possible.

Thomas P. McNulty RN. MSN. CRNP. CWS"


  1. Word on the street is, why did Stoffa refuse a copy of this letter? He would not take a copy. Makes one wonder.

  2. Remember folks, behind the media created image of John Stoffa, he is really no different than Bernie O'Hare and Ron Angle. That should answer all your questions.