Friday, June 1, 2012

1st Gracedale Advisory Board Meeting

This morning at 11:00 am, the GAB met for the first time since its establishment.

Ross Marcus opened on schedule, and expressed that he will facilitate the first meeting or two until officers are elected sometime in the near future.

There were a total of seventeen people present.

The first order of discussion was the establishment of meeting dates and time. It was decided that the Board will meet every 2nd Thursday of the month at 4:30 p.m.

Mr. Marcus indicated that the members of the group will decide what activities to take on, and which to pass on.

He went on to "WARN" everyone (in Fun of course - some chuckles were heard) that the meetings are open to the public, and the media is welcomed to attend as well (referring to Samantha of the Morning Call who was in attendance).

Then the purpose of the group was discussed, as well as terms and other matters of importance to the group itself, such as Robert's Rule Of Order being the format followed - all agreed.

Peg DeLesandro stated that she read Gracedales mission statement, and felt it important that the Board adhere to the MS. All agreed.

Marketing was also expressed to be PARAMOUNT to the future success of Gracedale.

The meeting went approximately 2 hrs so we won't get into all the specifics - the meeting served the purpose of paving a path that will prosper our beloved Gracedale from the current generation, to all future generations to come. We're on our way.


  1. It was a great start to these meetings.
    Lot's of work to be done.
    Great job Peggy.


  2. I hope you are right. My concern was that Stoffa bypassed many people of high nursing home experience and knowledge, making his picks instead from his circle of political pal picks.

    We shall see how they do, but don't be surprised if they start sounding a lot like Stoffa and Marcus after a while.

    Words are cheap. Stoffa and gang has more than proved that.

  3. For the minister who is a member of the committe:

    Render unto Caesar etc.
    Also keep the money changers in mind.
    Ask yourself,what would your boss-our Lord and Savior-think about your desires concerning Gracedale?
    I believe that He would do everything possible to maintain it.
    I do not believe that he would stand in front of County Council and read a letter representing His other ministers to get rid of the place.
    Quite the opposite,He is obviosly not speaking to you and yours.I think that you had better start talking with your Boss.

  4. For those who doubt the the sincerity of members of the GAB only time will tell. However. I believe there are two members who have already proven their desisre to keep Gracdale in County hands for future generations. They are Bob Werner, Councilman and Peg D'Alessandro RN, COAF. I doubt either one will become mouthpieces for Stoffa or anyone else. Their concern is for the future of Gracedale.

  5. O'Hater is on his hate blog attacking Ms. D'Alessandro for not being "grateful" to Stoffa for appointing her. In the O'Haters world that means she should never ever question anything Stoffa says. The three clowns just don't get it. They have had their way for so long and they have had the Press protect them for so long, they just don't get it.

    He still attacks Rev. Martinez and this blog. He just doesn't get it. Is anyone surprised his life has gone the way it has.