Friday, April 19, 2013

Employee Retaliation...

Jim Gregory's days may be
numbered because he speak out. alleged to be going on in Nor-Co.'s Mental Health Department, specifically against Jim Gregory, employed by Northampton County Mental Health Services Department.

During the Council meeting on April 18, 2013, Mr. Gregory courageously stood before the full Council and expressed the following:

Kathleen (the terrorizer) Kelly
"I'm asking that Ms. Kelly
(Kathleen) be removed as Director of Mental Health Services, and I'm Hoping that Mr. Marcus follows her out the door. And Mr. Stoffa I think it's time to resign. There's a
lot of retribution and nasty things going on in the building that people are not aware about."

Mr. Gregory presented the impression that he knows he is being set-up for termination, however, with a smile on his face during his opening remarks, he was clear that revealing the TRUTH is more important than having a job.

He also mentioned that staff in his department are being threatened.

Councilwoman Peg Ferraro asked Mr. Gregory if he was saying that Kathleen Kelly's case load and responsibilities had changed, and Mr. Gregory responded "Oh my God YES!!!" He indicated that Ms. Kelly is making over $100,000.00 per year while her responsibilities have been cut in Half. Going on to say: "She has nothing else to do but terrorize people and the staff". Ms. Ferraro asked him to provide her statistics, and he agreed to.

Needless to say, the comments left County Executive John Stoffa silent and speechless for the remainder of the night (apparent to all present).

Yes, once again someone is calling for John Stoffa's resignation, and once again the attack-dog Bernie O'Hare has been unleashed. He is now portraying Mr. Gregory as a bad guy. He also names a few other bad guys and gals, but can a million flies all be wrong??? Unlikely!

John Stoffa is the worst of the very worst leaders in American history, period! Ilisa Sacknoff who thinks we have forgotten her (we have not), has also been protected by John Stoffa and Ross Marcus, for which reason COAF was born, to protect those that cannot speak for themselves from the abuses perpetrated by her evil intent.

A long overdue investigations into the unethical (at the very least) practices allowed by the Stoffa administration is patiently awaited.

Our hat is off to you Mr. Gregory for having the courage to risk it all at age 62, and the guts to blow the whistle!

Eventually they will all pay for their corrupt behavior! Hopefully sooner than later. But rest assured, the day is coming.


  1. God, I love you guys!! Thank You.

  2. Ms. Kelly is hardly ever at work and makes over six figures a year. She has cut many county services to the mentally ill and disabled.

    Mr. Gregory will probably be fired but he is telling the council the turth. This Adminstration has systematically taken apart the Human Servcies Department, it is now a mess.

    In retur,n County Council gave Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Marcus a new building for less servcies and employees.

  3. John Stoffa is a total failure. what's unfortunate is cc has four people serving who clearly don't want to be part of what is going on with soffa. They are out in eight months. They chose not to run because they know they have lost the trust of taxpayers and the voters. they know they stood a snowballs chance in hell of winning. so now, like stoffa they will just ride their term out. pathetic!

  4. I'm sick and tired of Stoffa. If it can be shown that he has demonstrated favoritism to ONE person in NORCO Human Services he should be hounded out of office--no need to wait for him to have his picture painted and given a party that nobody wants to attend.

  5. My only regret in this is that due to the length of my presentation my client's issues were not heard. In Bethlehem, where I served as Council president, we allowed those who wanted to speak all the time they needed to do so. I should have skipped the part regarding my opposition to the Human Services building since Council obviously could care less. That is a grave mistake that will haunt them for years to come. The taxpayers are essentially paying out millions to lease a shell of a building and all Human Services will be hurt by
    this expense, including Gracedale. Just like Council should have stopped the swaption by paying it off years ago, this council needs to stop this madness of leasing a building they don't need. It was a mistake to approve it
    in the first place and they need to correct that mistake.
    Stoffa manipulated the entire affair and lied to caseworkers by telling them that if they didn't support the building now, they would be stuck in the building for years to come. They panicked and ran out and got a petition signed and did their presentation to council. Council then relied on this testimony and said, Geez, " We need to build this right away". Stoffa manipulated the entire thing. Bob Werner, to his credit, didn't fall for this. Lamont, wanting to support SEIU and being convinced that the Wolf building was sold even came on board to Stoffa's plan. Everyone was hoodwinked including myself. There is no shame in admitting this. Just do it and stop this tragic project. Bechtel is a great building and the remaining people working there love it. Clients don't come there more than once a year. We go from there to serve them. So it's location is not a problem. There is much room there for aging services also. Then all the county needs to do is find a home for the remaining departments. If they feel the need to build something, just build a two story building and keep Bechtel. I am telling you, your candidate must show some leadership here and backtrack on this. Otherwise Callahan will slam him for voting to charge taxpayers millions for a shell of a building which can only hurt Human Services in the future. My only regret about last night was not realizing a time limit was imposed (didn't notice that on the wrestling presentation) and my client who had a compelling story to tell, was not heard. Although they will say now that I somehow violated some unknown law by asking her if she wanted to be heard, that assertion is ridiculous. They have already began the process of coming after me by digging into my internet records. Hopefully they realize that by doing this , they will open themselves to the same process. My attorney will see to that. And from what I understand, the last thing Stoffa needs right now is someone digging into his records. So go for it John. If he usues that garbage to fire me I will then utilize all the time I'LL have to crush his pathetic administration. They hurt my client last night with their lack of respect and I could not believe what occurred. Cusick did Stoffa's bidding by cutting me off.
    He is a joke! I went there to explain the waste of millions of taxpayers dollars while services to the elderly are being cut, and I'm cut off. Seriously?? Council should be ashamed of itself for sitting on it's hands. here is an opportunity for your candidate to take a great issue and run with it. If he doesn't it's his, and the county's loss. I care so much for my clients I don't even care if Callahan takes up the issue, despite my disdain for his motives for running. Someone needs to look out for these people who can't speak for themselves. You do, and I thank you so much for that!

  6. Jim, I wish I had your courage.

    I don't think you should be fired because you were telling the truth.

    Some of the points you made were told long ago right here on this blog.

  7. I've been fired for telling the truth before. In the end, when you do so, you always win. I have fought these battles before and eventually got my due. Every time the powers that be came after me they won for the short haul but ended up losing in the end. If the county dares to go that route, I wish them well. Then they'd have to deal with me full time. Stoffa wouldn't survive that. And with the good folks at this blog behind me, I could care less what others think of me. What hurt last night was that my client became really upset that they wouldn't let me speak. I then felt bad for her. She has gone through much in her life and is asking little. And the county disrespected her and continues to disrespect her by not letting her be heard. I am so furious with Council I can barely speak to that. Only Peg Ferraro, God Bless her heart spoke to the issue. I will do everything in my power to see that she is elected as long as she is crazy enough to want to be. My only regret is that she isn't running for executive. She got beat up before when she chose to run and I'm sure she'd rather not deal with that again. That is sad. She has a great heart and despite our disagreements on some issues, she is one of my few heroes.
    She listens. That is all anyone wants in their councilperson. That is all anyone wants in any elected representative. Listen to us, here us. Stoffa and his minions are bullies and will eventually be gone. Whether I am there when they leave or not doesn't matter. I will
    be smiling broadly.

  8. The shame is that Council as a whole is not willing to deal with these matters, which then leads to public mistrust. and most are too stupid to understand why the public feels the way they do about politicians.

    What is truly awesome is what COAF has done, inspiring the populace to take a stand.

    What Jim has done is say enough is enough on an individual level, and what I find inspiring is that he did so understanding the possible consequences. But let me just say that Jim is no fool. If John Stoffa fires Jim regardless of the reason he presents, everyone will know the true reason was the whistle he blew. And that could turn into a legal problem for John before the end of his term. With some other legal matters of concern to John he better think real hard about what road he will take, he's already lost, if he continues on the road he is on he will surely run out of gas like angle did.

  9. Jim Thank You! for speaking up. So many others are justly afraid of Stoffa and his cohorts (like O'Hare) who will make their lives miserable and take away their jobs if they speak up. Look what O'Hare has been trying to do to Jim Hickey. What we need is a County Executive who doesn't USE O'Hare and other people the way Stoffa does. We need a leader who will call out O'Hare, protect decent employees and end the TERROR BY MEDIOCRITIES.

  10. Pity the local newspapers are flat on their butts--I bet they could nail Stoffa with the information they sit on about him underneath those very same butts.

  11. Stoffa is a politician not a leader. Bet he's going around right now to Council members kissing up to them and trying to plant doubt in their minds. But he wouldn't dare do it in a public meeting.

  12. Jim's co workers need to stand behind him they also know what is going on in Human Services. This behavior toward people who can not speak for themself has to be stoped.
    Council sat and listened about wrestling and million's of dollars going out for a new building but could not listen to a pood lady that needs our help, that shows were your
    priorties stand. What a shame where is this county going ? It is not going in the right direction when we have all kinds of money wasted on things we don't need but no money for our poor and needy.
    Human Services needs to be looked in too this is not just hear say it goes on this is how COAF got started with our social worker not having respect for the residents ( our loved ones )and saying we have no choice well we all have a choice . so what did they do when we complained transfered her and rewarded her with a better job where she continue to do the same thing to people that can not speak for themself.
    Thank you Jim for speaking out for the ones that can speak for themself. There is so much going on out there that the public does not know about and it has to be stopped.
    Human Service workers unite and put an end to this now is your chance.
    Good luck Jim


  13. Word on the street is, I read bo report of last night. How wrong he is see the video of the meeting to see for your self. You can deside what is the truth. Stoffa the door may close on you. Time for you to reel in your bottom feeder. The truth will come out, are you ready for it?

  14. Thank you maryann,

    Your comments are appreciated. You need to understand and I am sure you do because you have gone through this. They are all afraid of her. She rules with an iron fist. Ross and Stoffa are even scared to death of her. That's why they bow to her every wish.That's why they allowed her to peruse my internet records. Al Jordon didn't allow her, they did. They can speak out through your blog and I wish they would do so. However, she has threatened that if they blog at work on the county computer or on county time,they will face discipline. Although you can bet your last penny that she has been on this blog and has read what is said. I am also sure it is on county time. maybe it's time her computer activities are looked at. However, Stoffa is afraid of her. She scares him and rightly so. Zod, the guy on Superman 2 to who asked Superman to kneel to him is a piker compared to her, lol. However, now Steve is investigating her for signing off on a fraudulent mileage document and even Stoffa might not be able to save her then. Like I said before, they might force me out before them but they are all on their way out eventually. We'll all be at the top of the steps
    waving goodbye, lol. cant wait. Have to admit however, I almost feel sorry for Ross. He's a fiscal guy. Human Services is a bit too much for him and it would be for most right now. Working for Stoffa and dealing with Kathleen puts him between a rock and a hard place. If he doesn't stand up on his own two feet , he will sink with them. he's a Steeler fan, he can't be all bad, lol

  15. It is amazing that the media didnot get into the Stoffa record when he ran for officie,. As the lehigh county Human Services Director, he was there when two children in his Depatrtments care died. He blamed everyone but himslef. He tried to "sell" foster care but fortunatley the state stopped him. He then blamed everyone but himnself. See a pattern.

    As county executive he brought in Mr. Marcus who had no real extensive Human Services experience but was someone Stoffa was told to hire by a contributor. Since then, the Department has been cut up, positions unfilled, services cut and Divison Heads doing whatever they like. Trying to get an answer or action from Ross Marcus is a waste of time.

    The next county executitve will find a Human Services Department in dissarry and wasting millions, yet cutting services?? How is that? The entire Department needs an overhaul and it will not be easy.

    The executive better hire someone who knows what they are doing and is not afraid to facedown the "big shots" in the Department or things won't get any better.

  16. Where are the newspaper reports about this story? Do they REALLY think Hairy Bernie is doing a good job covering it?

  17. As far as Stoffa being responsible for the deaths of those children, he is paying the price now..Have you ever seen him at the council meetings? He has a nervous tic.
    He is falling apart. It's called Karma. Poor man. He continues to create this karma by attacking those who do good and rewarding those who do bad..He is screwed for eternity.

  18. If Stoffa is falling apart, and it sure looks like he is, then he should just step down. But that means he would have to GIVE UP POWER AND PRESTIGE. Is he man enough to do that? Council would appoint a caretaker executive until the election. That person couldn't possibly do worse than Stoffa.

  19. As of today the Human Services Department is as screwed up as the Corrections Department. Better get out the broom. That may include Peg.

    The sad thing is last night county council refusded to hear from a woman who came to talk to them. They only want to hear from Stoffa, they are all under his spell, even the new guys.

    Hard to believe.

  20. Kudos ot anyone who has the courage to stand up to Stoffa, the Council and anyone in administration. As taxpayers we have a right to question how everyone of our hard earned dollars are being spent. If someone Like Ms Kelly is not doing her job then she should go and if Marcus isn't doing his job then he should go. People of the county are tired of cover-ups and no one accepting responsibility for anything. Just like the social worker at Gracedale=do a horrible job-don't get fired-get promoted. Boy I would love to know what dirt she has on someone. In the real world she would have been on the outside looking in, not making more people's lives miserable and making a hefty salary on the taxpayers dime to boot. WTG JIM GREGORY----KEEP TELLING IT THE WAY IT IS--THERE ARE PEOPLE LISTENING. bb

  21. Let's get the points straight...
    1. There have been more human service programs cut under this administration than any other in NorCo history.
    2. Ilisa Sacknoff was promoted by Stoffa and Marcus without interview after her most recent hack job in DP. Before that she was a rogue and ruthless social worker at Gracedale.
    3. County Human Services will be on the hook for an additional 500,000 dollars for lease of this building come next year with a new Executive. Stoffa has written it into the general fund paying for it this year.
    4. Just about every county worker has used either the county computer or email for non county use at one time or another. This was discussed at a computer committee meeting several times.
    5. The new building is a lease with an option to buy, which the county can purchase outright in 2019.
    6. There is no law breaking when a consumer comes to a council meeting on his/her own free will.
    7. A 5 minute timeline to speak on an issue is not an appropriate amount of time to speak on a complex and important issue.
    8. County Council like Marcus has little knowledge on human services even though this department makes up for 70% of the county services.
    9. Stoffa has never called a meeting with the staff of human services to either introduce himself or give/get information to/from them.
    10. Caseworkers have been moved from jobs and the bumping process has taken place twice in last two years due to Kathleen Kelly's decisions affecting not just MH but the entire bargaining unit.

    1. Everything you say, 928, is absolutely on point. Amazingly so. Now we have to make this public. I just took notice of number 4. That could be a real problem for the county if they try to persecute Gregory for the same thing. We need to get ahold of those minutes from that meeting or have someone who was there testify. Either way, Joe, this all has to come out.

  22. I would like to tell you the real story of what occurred in light of Bill White's article in the morning call. If you can give me an email address I can forward it to you.
    You will have the opportunity of being the first ones to print it. I will take it to the call and the express later today , and possibly channel 69. We'll see. I did forward a copy of it to bill White for his perusal but it wont get printed by anyone but you initially since you have been so gracious in this regard. I am certain you and your readers will find it somewhat compelling once you receive it..

  23. Even more screwed up. The next Director better be a real pro, the county will need it. Also have courage becasue that person will face off against the established group that has been allowed to run wild by "hide in my office" Marcus. He is as weak kneeded as they come.

    The Department is spending millions in some areas's that it doesn't have to and cutting people and services in area's desperately needed.

    It will be a real mess that needs to be cleaned up. People are being deprived services due to gross incompetence.

    But the six figure payed Directors will get new corner offices. A disgrace.

  24. "The next Director better be a real pro"

    but who?

    i don't think it's too early to have that discussion. none of the 3 D candidates will keep marcus.

  25. Callahan hasn't said one way or the other whether he'll keep marcus. He is afraid to commit to anything. Rendell said he isn't a wuss??? He's the biggest wuss running. make a decision John???? Are you keeping Ross and Kelly or not. The Nazi death camp survivor is from bthlehem. Give her the key to the city and promise to fire Kelly and Marcus and you'll be a freaking hero..better hurry, the other two are running over there now, lol

  26. The most qualified person would be Ron Heckman but he is running for county council and wants to serve in that capacity. He is honest and knows the good and the bad of that Department better than anyone. He has called the nonsense when Stoffa and Marcus tried to pull their fast ones.

  27. Maybe a candidate can be whoever wrote anonymous 9:28 on April 19th. He seems to know what is going on in Human Services.