Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Does It Really...


See...I have a calculator.
The friends of Mayor Callahan mailed out a really cool 8-1/2 x 11 campaign flyer which outlined that in the City of Bethlehem he:
  • Balanced the budget
  • Cut the debt by $90 million
  • Eliminated the deficit
  • Back-to-back budget surpluses. 
Well, we researched the misinformation to discover just how inaccurate it is...guess what we discovered??? Talk of illegal activity, deception, internal control failures, and even talk of jail. Considered a disaster, and financial failure - And the Mayor was nowhere to be found.

It is clear that the Mayor has money to spend, but cool flyers don't win elections...

...The TRUTH does!
I take the TRUTH seriously - Yes...It does to me!

Vote for Honesty
Lamont McClure
For County Executive



  1. Great video. That was from the hairy one. It was when Bernie claimed Callahan was a terrible mayor before he decided he was a great mayor. I have to laugh. Bernie is so worried about his favored status at the courthouse. The funny thing is even if Callahan wins, he will throw O'Hare to the curb along with the other trash.

  2. The Hairball was finished a long time ago thanks to the COAF. Hairball's regular readers (aside from those who need to monitor his lies) are the kind of people who like to go into Freakshows except they have Hairball for free. I know you're reading this, Hairball so have a great day HA HA HA!

  3. Doesn't Glenn Reibman's mailer, reference Bernie O'Hare's Blog when he attacked John Callahan's fiscal record?

  4. This guy is a joke. Mr. McClure is the best candidate to lead northampton county into the future. He was right on Gracedale and never backed down or flip flopped. He stood his ground and fought the good fight. Vote McClure for executive he has a job and doesn't need one. That tells me he is committed to turning this county around and bring back honest government.