Thursday, May 31, 2012

The First Casualty In War...

...Is TRUTH!

no matter what anyone says...if not true, becomes the very first death of a reality.

What does that mean? Glad you asked - it means that when people the likes of Ron Angle, Bernard O'Hare, and John Stoffa decide to tell their version of the truth - the TRUTH becomes a LIE.

You see, there are people like those mentioned above, that don't appreciate hearing that TRUTH is absolute...BUT IT IS - regardless what they like, or think. Unfortunately, in today's world, we have to be politically correct in the things we say...instead of absolutely correct.

Consider that if we say "FIRE BURNS"- that is an ABSOLUTE TRUTH regardless of our worldly view. No one can change that truth! Why? Because it is TRUE that fire burns...what fool out there would like to challenge this truth. Yeah, we know three fools out there that may, as they usually do - but, really think about it...does fire only burn sometimes? Or does it burn all the time? YES - all the time...absolutely CORRECT!

The point is that the three deceivers would have you believe anything to accomplish their agenda...but, that by itself does not present the TRUTH.

For example. They all said on many more than one occasion that there would be a tax increase if Gracedale were to remain in County ands, or ifs about it. But was that absolutely TRUE?...or just their version of the TRUTH? ding Ding DING...yes, you are correct... it was their version of the truth...which history tells us today was actually not true at all, which means they lied. And we can say that openly and honestly because, no matter how small - any deviation of the TRUTH is a LIE. 


  1. O'Hatre has again pushed the great Gracedale lie on his hate blog. He is posting how the Gracedale "deficit" will be "larger" than Stoffa predicted. Of course we know that O'Hare is still just carrying water for Stoffa, so we all know Stoffa has not cut the cord.

    Stoffa has lied form day one about Gracedale, so now he claims there is a deficit bigger than he originally said. Problem is Stoffa has said so many things, which ones, if any are true? He has never been straight about Gracedale.

    We all know one thing though. O'Hare, Stoffa and his new political choices for office still have a bulls-eye painted on Gracedale. As one of the political insiders said recently." This election next year will be determined by money not a group of fanatics".

    Maybe it is time to make history again and show that money can't buy a political office in Northampton county.

  2. Word on the street is, what did Stoffa do to help Gracedale? Management company six month stall, why? Seems that anything that would help Gracedale was not done. All Stoffa wants to do now is spend tax payers money. I mean county money.

  3. At this point, anyone who believes Stoffa is a fool.
    How many times does one need before he realizes that Stoffa is never telling the truth?

  4. O'Liar wouldn't know the truth if he tripped over it. I believe he was born with a severe allery to
    truth and would probably die of anaphylactic shock
    if he ever told it.