Monday, April 8, 2013

Another Good Choice...

...For County Council is Ron Heck.
First, Mr. Heckman has in the past, and promises to continue into the future, to protect Gracedale from any harm.

About a week and half ago, we had the pleasure to sit with him to discussed over a cup of coffee, some matters of concern for us all. Certainly the main matter of concern to us will always be Gracedale.

gracedaleMr. Heckman vowed to continue to serve the interest of Gracedale because he believes that Gracedale is a major reason for the existence of county government.

Mr. Heckman understands county politics very well because he served two terms on County Council. He, as many who know him know, is very knowledgeable about Northampton County because Nor-Co is where he grew up.

Recently he spoke before Council about how as a former human services director, he also had lobbied for a consolidated human services building, however, he questioned whether the recent approved plan for such a facility was in the best interest of the county during a time of many government cut-backs, concerned that the building is now a yoke around the neck of the county.

We see Mr. Heckman as a very good choice to serve once again, a community he calls home.



  1. He was alwaysg fair and possess a very necessary trtit often loacking in candidates, "common sense".

    Ron gave a very strong arguemtn for not selling Gracedale and he didn't have to call anyone any names to do it.

  2. Mr.will provide a an ear for the cocerns of the taxpayers of Northampton County. His years of experience will serve us well. Remember to vote for him for County Council. He has always been pro union and knows how to work effectively with union members.

  3. He has my vote.


  4. Ron is a good and decent man. He always was. He never put himself above others, like the so-called man of the people. He always has been willing to sit and listen or discusss any concern.

    When my aunt was in Gracedale and Ron was the Director, he took the time to come to my house and meet with me and look into an issue, when some of the maanagement people didn't. He even checked back with me a few weeks later, I alawys appreciated that.

    He was a big boss but he had time to come to my house.

    That makes a good elected official to me.

  5. Ron is a real gentlemen and always put's the people first.He understands being elected by the people you works for the people. It is ashame more politicians don't understand this. He is a good man and he has my vote.


  6. Word on the street is, top of the line. With Lamont and Jerry, mit cant get any better.

  7. He may be a gentleman but I have seen him stand up to
    Ron Angle, unlike some of our current councilpeople. That is what I like, he wasn't intimidated by the loud one.

  8. I disagree with many of the positions taken on this blog, but this is one I cheerfully agree with. I worked with Ron for many years, and consider him top-notch