Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Can We Trust Callahan...

...To keep Gracedale in county hands. We think not.

If any of our readers read the NI'S post, you would immediately see that they are already planning the sale of Gracedale.

You're too funny...that was then.
Today is a different day!

 It starts with O'Hare planting the seeds. And if elected, Mr. Callahan will say: I signed that then, this is now, and times have changed. I will have to side with the selling Gracedale side.

To be fair to Mr. Callahan, the only way he can prove that he is not in favor of what O'Hare is selling is by PUBLICALLY kicking O'Hare to the curb. But will he do that? We don't think he will.

Does it really mean something?

Yes  - It's true that he signed a promise to keep and protect Gracedale, but will he really honor it?

Many of the people in Bethlehem don't think so. They tell us that he has broken many promises in Bethlehem, and then with a smile they say, "he won't be any better in Northampton County."

We expressed that politicians like Mr. Stoffa and Mr. Angle thought that they could deceive us and get away with it, but look at how it worked out for them.

They responded: "Yes, but Callahan is slick!"

What We The People of Northampton County know and understand very well today, is that we are an involved and organized voting block to be reckoned with. Politicians who chose a path of deception are wise to understand that we will hold them accountable.

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