Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Do We Want To Gamble...

...On the future of Northampton County? We don't think so!

Glenn Reibman doesn't think so either, He has put out this mailer informing the County electors of the TRUTH relating to John Callahan.

Mr. Reibman has provided on the back of his mailer some very interesting information about Mr. Callahan, including the sources of the information.

For example, he quotes the Express Times article dated 12/16/2012 which says: "Callahan predicted [he] would provide the city an $8.5 Million cash reserve next year. But instead, Bethlehem is facing a FIVE MILLION DOLLAR BUDGET GAP for 2013."

Should we gamble on our future?
And Mr. Reibman recently called for Mr. Callahan to be investigated for using federal grant dollars to balance Bethlehem's 2010 and 2011 budgets.

In addition, he bullet-points the following information on the mailer:

  • "Callahan INCREASES PROPERTY TAXES BY 35% despite receiving over $9 million  promised casino revenue windfall. Source: Bethlehem Patch 12/16/2012
  • Callahan MIS-PPROPRIATED Federal economic development funds to cover his budget shortfall. Bethlehem Patch 10/08/2010
  • Callahan OVERPAID by nearly one million dollars to a campaign donor for  parking garage that was ONLY worth $675 thousand, COSTING TAXPAYERS OVER 1.5 MILLION DOLLARS. Source LVR 02/01/2011.
  • Callahan MISUSED TAX REVENUES and took out a $1 million loan without approval to cover Bethlehem's deficit shortfall. Source Mcall 01/20/2010"
What we found rather amusing is that while searching the internet for the source of the bullet points, we came across a you-tube video posted on October 24, 2010, in which the nonsensical ignoramus is upset (again) that members of a union are using the entrance of PUBLIC grounds to campaign for...of all people - John Callahan. What is truly unbelievable is that he says that they are committing a crime by using public (which means PUBLIC) grounds to campaign for a partisan purpose.

Hmmm...lets see - he feels using public property to engage in partisan political activity for John Callahan is a crime, but in his twisted mind it's not a crime to use tax-dollars to sue the taxpayers. Unbelievable!


  1. The Hairball is Gracedale's best friend. Hairball Bernie is so despised in the LV that even the newspapers have finally noticed. Anybody The Hairball praises is doomed so watch out Callahan.

    Be careful if The Hairball ever starts praising YOU Rev. Mario. You are honored by his hatred.

  2. Every stament on the mailer is true. Don't be misled by the O'Hare. He is now part of the Callahan Clan and is working to get him elected. O'Hater has been told he will get the same privledges he has under Stoffa. Employees are worried about that. They know if they stop O'Hare they could be fired. They fear Callahan will continue that poloicy.