Friday, April 5, 2013

Thumb's Up...

...From COAF to Jerry Seyfried.

Yes! COAF had the honor of sitting with Mr. Seyfried last evening to discuss his position on various issues the county must deal with. Certainly Gracedale was at the top of our list.

Jerry was very sincere and honest in his discussion with us. We see him as a member of the community who has nothing to gain by his election, but everything to give.

What we mean by that is that Jerry is retired, and at this point in his life he considers himself very blessed without need, but also blessed with a desire to give back to his community.

In our opinion, that is very admirable because some of the candidates who have spoken to us (seeking our support) continuously say I, I, I, like John Callahan did during his announcement.  Jerry on the other hand say's we, and us, and together. That is very important to all of us within COAF, and to our 23,000.00 plus supporters. 

As we expressed to Mr. Seyfried, we are seeking to support and elect candidates who truly care about the people and the county, and who promise never to forget who they work for...

Jerry asked us what did we want from him...we said: nothing but fairness and honesty. Jerry promised to deliver on his promise to be fair and honest.

We also expressed to him that we have no desire to tell our county government how to do their jobs (other than to do it right the first time), but promised him (as we have others), that we will hold him accountable should he stray off a true-north course.

We will ask all of our readers to please go to this link: The Administration Was The Road-Block!

You will hear Jerry Seyfried, one of our choices for County Council this year, speak first about his experience, and then about Gracedale.

He stands firmly behind his words when he states that during the Gracedale Initiative, the Unions were willing, but the Stoffa Administration was the actual road-block.

Jerry Seyfried
For County Council


  1. He is one hell of a great citizen who will work continuously for the citizens of NORCO.
    He has my vote!

  2. Jerry did a great job before, I'm sure he will again. He has my vote

  3. he has my vote ! he knows what he's talking about and doing ... he realizes that gracedale is a county gem ! so happy to hear he's running !

  4. Rev. Martinez, if you're going to pen anonymous commments on your blog, it's important that you mix up the language.

    You used the phrase "he has my vote" in all three of these. Eeven a maroon like O'Hare would be able to spot that it's the same author 3 times.

    1. I'm sorry to inform you Bernie, but your wrong! It's as simple as that.


  5. He has my vote and I am far from being a reverend.

  6. He has my vote -- no need to explain a good man.
    And no it's not the Rev. it's maryann