Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Debate Is Over...

...And clearly Lamont McClure won!

We can only hope that McClure does as well or better during the election.

Why Should I Run? Hmmm
John Callahan opens the show saying that people ask "why are you running for County Executive?". That statement should be a clue that perhaps the people asking don't want him to run! Just a thought.

He responds to his own statement saying that "it's a natural extension of what I have done in Bethlehem". Well, it's a natural extension that the Bethlehem Fire Fighters stated they did not want Nor-Co to experience. At times, he had a seemingly nervous stutter which clearly indicated he was nervous.

It was really nice of Mr. Callahan to say: "I think Lamont did a nice job in that as a County Councilperson, he did the right thing in Saving Gracedale".

Then comes Lamont McClure: "Leadership is what this race is all about". BINGO!!! He it the nail on the head!

I will not raise taxes!
"For the last seven years in Northampton County Council, I've been a leader for some of the most important issue we have faced in County government. There was the fight to save Gracedale, which I was proud and honored to have led, we won that fight, and now, my plan to bring Gracedale's finances in order is working. We hired private management and we're getting our finances in order".

He went on to promise: "And if I am elected County Executive we're going to improve Gracedale. We're going to improve the quality of care at Gracedale, and we're going to make it an even better place for our residents to live and get better, and get home".

He also noted that: "No other County Councilman has ever vote to preserve more farmland, environmentally sensitive land, and open space than I have".

And he saved the best for last: "And I have never voted to raise property taxes in my seven years on Northampton County Council".

Gracedale Made Money.
Then came Glenn Reibman who stated clearly that during his former County Executive years: "I had a very good administration, we did a good job. And we did hand Mr. Stoffa a forty five million dollars surplus at the end of 2006".

Lamont then agreed that the 64% increases during Mr. Reibman's administration left Mr. Stoffa a surplus. 

View the debate in it's entirety: Business Matters CE Debate

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  1. Wow I have always been a fan of Lamont ever since he lead the fight to save Gracedale but I didn't know he had it in him. He crushed Callahan on some of the major issues in the county and all the boy mayor could do is call Lamont a liar and talk about how great the city of Bethlehem is. Voters ask yourself some questions like how great would the city be with out all that casino money. He already admitted he took illegal federal loans to balance the city payroll budget. Great job Lamont you won hands down and Glenn was clearly second. I love how he said the Reibman and Cunningham administration laid the ground work so Callahan could cut ribbons all day. Priceless