Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Justice Joan Orie Melvin...

...To be sentenced on May 7, 2013.

Some may not understand exactly what she did to get convicted? Perhaps we can help them understand. She broke the law of the land!

First, she violated the trust of the people. We must understand that our society as a whole is balanced by our judges and our elected officials. What Justice Orie-Melvin did as a judge was tilt the scales in in her favor...that is wrong and illegal. How do we know that? Because she will soon discover her sentence. 

She also used tax resources to benefit her campaign. County Executive John Stoffa did the very same thing in 2011. How so? The "Gracedale Initiative" was an election vehicle.

In 2011, Nor-CO witnessed a fight for the life of Gracedale, rarely if ever seen in the state, or even the nation.

The taxpayers (who desired to keep Gracedale in county hands) were left no option but to pursue the "Gracedale initiative", which, for those who do not know what that means, it was a petition drive that collect 23,391 signatures (well above the required 19,896) to place a question on the ballot, which would allow the voters to make the decision, instead of a Republican back Ron Angle.

Sadly, County Council could have voted to place the question on the ballot without the Gracedale initiative, which they were asked by the voters to do, but under the poor leadership of Ron Angle (council president at the time), as well as that of (democrat) John Stoffa (who also tipped the scales in his favor), chose instead to ignore the voice of the people and forced the taxpayer to mobilize for the purpose of collecting the necessary names. They actually encouraged us to do it because, as history declares today, they didn't think we could carry out such a herculean effort, but we did!

History also tells us we were correct, because the initiative passed by a tremendous 3-1 margin...and Gracedale was given a stay of execution for another five years.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Before the question was placed on the ballot, the taxpayers were challenged (sued) in court by Ron Angle (as a citizen), alongside of Bernard O'Hare III, which was perfectly legal, until it was discovered in December of 2012, by a limited investigation, that John Stoffa had in-fact authorized the use of a County hired law firm (hired using tax resources) to assist the two citizens in a "private litigation" against the very taxpayers who produce the fruit.

This is what We The People believe is illegal.  We are not lawyers, however, we don't have to be to understand that tax resources/dollars cannot be used to fund private litigation against the taxpayers (or any other type private litigation), nor can they be used (as illuminated by the Orie Melvin case) to benefit a partisan issue in an election!

Well, ladies and gentleman of Nor-Co, that's exactly what John Stoffa did. And we feel that just like Justice Orie Melvin and her sister Janine Orie were investigated (who by the way were found guilty on February 21, 2013 of misusing tax resources, and are awaiting sentencing), so too should Mr. Stoffa  be investigated - For misusing tax resources.

We believe that the two hours of misused tax resources discovered in December of 2012 by the limited powers of County Controller Stephen Barron (which by itself is wrong), can, by a fully authorized authority be discovered to truly be 67 hours or more, turning the $700.00 Stoffa-Gift into an over $10,000.00 gift for Stoffa's sell Gracedale campaign.

Where's the Justice in Nor-Co?


  1. Stoffa's name is MUD forever in NORCO. But politicians stick together. That's why this column needs to be repeated FOREVER so NOBODY FORGETS and sothe others are warned not to repeat Stoffa's league with Angle and O'Hare and similar scum like them.

  2. Yes indeed. Hopefully this blog never goes away! It is a breath of fresh air a mist the pollution and smog created by some politicians in NC using any means necessary to minimize and distort our visibility. The intent is to hide the truth from the taxpaying people.

  3. We will never forget STOFFAGATE and boy, victory is sweet. Bernie will never be the same no high-flying for him just high-lying. He claims he ONLY posts under his own name. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

  4. You folks are so right on this. I am disappointed in the DA for not doing a criminal investigation of this matter. I wish there were state or federal officials who could look into this entire affair.

    Whether it was $100 or $100,000, it was unethical and I believe illegal.

    I thik the State ethics committee would find this as an unethical act. I also believe that some state or federal authority would cite John Stoffa for inappropriate use of taxpayer dollars.

  5. Hmmm...didn't Joan Orie Melvin not except a Judges pay raise (opposed by other Judges) worth thousands of tax payer money? Odd she and her sister Jane wanted more investigations into the Jerry Sandusky (serial pervert) pedophile crap and Zappala's gambling casino ties with the mob and the "KIDS FOR CASH$$$" WHERE none other another Zappala ownership surfaced. When DA's select their DEFENDANTS by abusing their powers to attack political enemy's in a corrupt manner. An intern stumbles in the office of a District Attorney in Allegheny County PA. and presto she is flanked with all this power to flick a State Supreme Court Judge off the bench and lands a Senator in prison? Who really had the ax to grind against the Ories? There was a case in Texas about a District Attorney who also abused his powers against his political enemies with the aid of the Sheriff and Assistant D.A. JUSTICE WAS FINALLY DONE AND THE REAL CRIMINALS FLICKED OUT OF THEIR JOBS.