Monday, April 29, 2013

Today COAF had the privilege of lunch with candidate for Judge...
...Jennifer Sletvold.
To this point, of the four candidates running, Mrs. Sletvold is the only candidate seeking a judicial seat who contacted us desiring our support.
She came very prepared to answer all of our question, she listened intently, and then answered all of our questions.
We must say: not only does she speak very eloquently, she is very confident in her abilities to bring "JUSTICE" to Northampton County. She also spoke very passionately about doing so.
It was immediately apparent to all of us that she is well grounded by correct morals, values, and principles. She  also radiated integrity, an element which seems to be missing in our local government these days.
family_home3She discussed her honest commitment to her existing clients, promising to bring the same honesty and commitment to Nor-Co if elected to the office of Judge.
She reasoned that God, Family, and Country are her motivators to serve "We The People".
What more can We The People ask for?
On May 21 - Vote:
Jennifer Sletvold
For Judge


  1. Your comments are right on. This girl radiates integrity! What a fit for your group...God Bless!

  2. From my vantage point,I saw an integrity, an honesty,and a compassion for All people as she began to answer questions.
    She knew the Home Rule Charter better than some of the officials we now have.
    Her stability, fairness, and intellect were impressive to me.
    Maybe it is also time to admit another woman into the mainly Men's Club.
    Another refreshing perspective might help NORCO to become more transparent. BB