Friday, April 12, 2013

What Is Truth?

So many people believe that truth is simply what they believe to be true...but that in itself is not true! It is just another lie.

There is this thing called absolute truth, which many want to hide. Why? - Because it exposes their lies.

How so? Absolute TRUTH cannot under any circumstances be changed. It remains true beyond the existence of time...simply because it is true.

Okay - where are you going with this? So glad you asked.

Lamont McClure is in-fact the best candidate for the job of County Executive, not just because he outshined John Callahan during yesterdays taping of Business Matters, or because COAF say's so, but because he has done more for the widows and orphans of Northampton County than John Callahan could ever do for Bethlehem.

Think about it...If John Callahan was really so good in Bethlehem, why are civil servants like the Fire Fighters supporting Mr. McClure over their very own Mayor?  Perhaps because the taxpayers see no honor in either John.

What we mean is John Stoffa failed the taxpayers of Northampton County just like John Callahan failed the taxpayers of the City of Bethlehem...If that's not absolutely true, then why is COAF and their 23,391 supporters supporting Mr. McClure, and why are the fire fighters also choosing Mr. McClure?

John Callahan needs a job...that's true, and that's the only reason he is seeking the Nor-Co executive seat, that too is true - Lamont McClure on the other hand has a lucrative position as an attorney from which he will likely take a pay cut to serve as executive - So why do it?

Glad you asked...
...Because he sincerely cares!
And he has a great desire to serve - We The People.
Lamont McClure
For County Executive...
...The Peoples Choice


  1. Yes, Lamont is truly the best candidate!

  2. Lamont McClure has shown his leadership abilities in the fight to save Gracedale and truly cares for the residents of Northampton county. This leadership we have already seen from Lamont is what the county needs after the last eight years of John Stoffa running down the county surplus with nothing to show for except an over paid swaption and a Human service building the county doesn't really need right now. With all the cuts to Human Services the programs should be more important than a building but that's Stoffa for you. The next executive will have to make hard decisions and Mayor Callahan was quoted in the Lehigh Valley Live article saying He got more done in the city with less employees he has also raised property taxes when he had all that casino money flowing in. We need an executive that is willing to look at everything and not cut hard working jobs and then raise taxes for the hard working people of this county. Keep up the great work Lamont can't wait for Business Matters.
    Willard Yomanski

  3. Callahan looked like a deer in headlights at the debate.
    He knows nothing about county government and because of this would probably keep these useless administrators that Stoffa has hired. That's scary! very scary!!! Come on Johnny Casino, tell us who your department heads will be....We're waiting...