Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Has Anybody Noticed...

That when the truth about John Stoffa is highlighted on this blog, Bernie just goes cRaZy. You have to wonder: Is it just Bernie's loyalty for Stoffa, or is it the tyrant John Stoffa unleashing his attack-dog?

County Executive John Stoffa wants his way on everything, and nothing less will do. County Council has made the same decision twice in six months. Isn't that a good indicator that council knows what they want. And the general populace seems fine with it too, so why is Stoffa so adamant about making a change that no one else want's? Yes, that's an excellent question. Another good question would be: What's in it for John?

Sadly, over the last several years while seeking justice in Nor-Co  for the sick and needy, and for the taxpayers, tyranny is what we have witnessed.

As long as John is the Executive, It will not matter what the majority want, only what the minority Stoffa wants.

Just consider that prowling Bernie himself is saying that Stoffa is going to undermine County Council: "As I've mentioned, NorCo Exec John Stoffa is doing an end run around Council". And he thinks that's okay because he say's it's okay, and because Stoffa think's it's okay?

Well, for their's not okay.

I don't want to...but I will!
And we really don't care John if you let your wild dog loose on us, because our passive dog has teeth too - And he will continue to defeat your dog (with the truth) till the very end.

We know you don't like us telling the truth about you John, but that's too bad. If it's too hot in the kitchen for you, you know what you can do...GET OUT!

Exposing John Stoffa

We will continue to illuminate your misdeeds John, until something is done to correct your deceptions, or until your gone.

Really...He lied to us?
The taxpayers, electors, citizens and good folks of Nor-Co have a right to know that their County Executive,  the dishonorable John Stoffa has lied to them, and to the entire county, on many more than one occasion...and he knows it.

And we John, will not rest until justice is served. The day will come.


  1. House of HarkonnenApril 3, 2013 at 5:46 PM

    The time has come for John Stoffa to resign, I hope RMM speaks at tonights council meeting and gives him a proper tongue lashing for all his misdeeds.

  2. The shame is that it always appears as if stoffa is up to no good. It might be a good idea to switch to lifestar for several reasons, but those reasons have not been explained properly, and that's Stoffa's doing!

  3. John Stoffa is a sham. His game of BS finally caught up to him as county executive. The good old guy facade faded away and the bitter, vindictive old man he is, came shinning through.

    He is in the death throes of his ego power trip. There was a time he, Angle and O'Hare ruled the media and conned the world. Now they are falling apart. Angle self-destructed by his own insanity, Stoffa exposed for what he is and O'Hare desperately trying to be relevent.

    His clinging to Callahan is his last attempt to matter. If these boys weren't all so bad and corrupt one could almost shed a trar for them. I will pray for their souls and that is about it.

  4. Stoffa should be ashamed of himself