Monday, April 22, 2013

Our County Government...


According to court files, Deputy Darwin Ray Steward of Plainfield Township has been charged with dissemination of information and obstruction of the administration of law, for leaking entrusted personal and confidential records to other members of government outside of the Courthouse without expressed authority to do so, who in turn, leaked the documents to the private sector.

The Sherriff's Department has been struggling (to say the least) to keep up with many of their responsibilities due to a lack of manpower. John Stoffa offers no solutions.

Jim Gregory as a Northampton County employee and taxpayer, came forward last Thursday and courageously told County Council how Director of Mental Health Services Kathleen Kelly has been threatening and terrorizing clients and staffing . Please note that Ms. Kelly operates under the direction of John Stoffa. Although we have been informed that Mr. Stoffa too fears Ms. Kelly. We have to ask why??? 

We know its hard to step forward as an employee, but that's exactly what we need...more employees coming forward. We also know that there are many more employees who feel the same way that Mr. Gregory does. And we understand the fear of being terminated as a result of sharing what they know, but really, Stoffa can't fire everyone...can he?

District Attorney John Morganelli is forced (rightly so) to sues Stoffa for meddling in the affairs of the DA's independent office.

Ann Kline and Ilisa Sacknoff continue doing as they please because of the protection provided to them 
by Stoffa and Kathleen Kelly.

Corrections has also been a mess for some time now.

And of course COAF has shed light on Stoffa-Gift, the misuse of tax resources by John Stoffa who filed suit against the taxpayers using tax funds, and who also authorized tax resources to be misused to further the benefit of two private citizens in litigation against the taxpayers. And surely there is more that we don't know about yet, or that only a full investigation can uncover.

And what is the common denominator between all of these issues - Simple...
...John Stoffa

When does this stop? Will this ever stop? Who knows?

Can we ever regain the trust we have lost in our government?

An investigation into John Stoffa's reckless, and less than ethical practices is truly long overdue - We will continue to wait patiently.


  1. We are certain of one thing for sure. If not before, and hopefully so, next January all of these players will be gone, if not immediately, soon after. However, if we wait till then , how much more damage will be done. Sadly, much. However, as you said, it is up to the employees and clients now to do their part. Will they step forward? We will see. They have the opportunity to post on this blog night and day anonymously. It's up to them. If they sit back and watch this sheriff, Gregory, and others be sacrificed without doing anything about it, they are as complicit as Stoffa. I know that Mr. Werner, on Council, despises recriminations against employees. Hopefully he steps forward and hammers the administration on this. If our computer form would have courageous enough to turn down Mr. Stoffa's request for internet records, they would have been admonished. However, they have a new contract coming up later this year. What will council do about this contract when it becomes common knowledge that they have allowed Ms. Kelly and Mr. Stoffa to continue their witch hunt against employees such as Gregory. Will they order them to stop. I hope so. Their are mostly good people on council. It's time for them to step up and take over the reins of this county before more damge is done.

  2. One thing you have to say about Stoffa is that he hasn't gotten away with MURDER. But he gotten away with a hell of a lot of other things, aided and abetted by politicians who play ball with him and the local newspapers who have let Stoffa suck up to them for many years.

    Only this blog and the COAF has consistently held Stoffa accountable. You guys were just some more people Stoffa tried to screw but you WOULDN'T let him.

    Keep up the great work, because after Stoffa leaves office and loses all his power the next administration is going to find a huge load of crap Stoffa left behind. People will be less willing to trust smiling hypocrites who pretend to be everybody's friend.

  3. A good way for those who wish to speak out on this is through social media. We all need to go on facebook and twitter ( I'm still new to that, lol.) and ask our friends to read the last few posts of yours. Once they do, all they then need to do is Email Frank Flisser the councty clerk at he will get your concerns to council. if you are an employee, send it to frank anonymously if you wish and he will still have to pass it on. it's up to us, it's up to everyone..

  4. Article in the MC today quotes Stoffa as saying Gracedale will never be profitable. What he meant to say is I Am Always Right. What a dork. Bet you that The Hairball will agree with Stoffa.

  5. He is partially right. As long as he is around, it won't be, lol

  6. Jim, I like your idea of getting Frank Flisser to take this to Council for investigation. Daylight is the only thing that will stop bullies. Then watch them fold and run!

  7. Actually, I like your idea of a council investigation.You are absolutely right . They need to realize they are an equal branch of government. They need to vote and propose an investigation of Mental health services before it goes the way of all the other departments that were recently lost to us. That way, the folks in the department wont be afraid to speak up and Jim could let them know who has the information. Right now, the ones investigating the problems are th same ones causing the problems. Hopefully , your guy will at least make the motion for an investigation into the department and get a second. let the chips fall where they may. Should be interesting!


  9. Stoffa is just an over-ambitious careerist who should have remained a total mediocrity. Instead, because of his lust for power, he clawed his way to the bottom. His administration has been a disaster for Northampton County and he almost managed to destroy Gracedale, a charitable creation by many generations of citizens now gone who but who loved Gracedale and made her succeed. But he also has done nothing but create trouble for workers in the County. Stoffa looks as miserable as he deserves. Good Riddance.

  10. That is the Stoffa way. He has this new county council as suckered as the others. He makes sure his backside is covered and could care less aobut anyone else. County Council took another big, "swing and a miss" on a vital county function. Way to go guys. Of course to the people on this county council a shiney new building is more important than the actual servcies the Department supplies.

    You can't have your name on a plaque by helping people, just building unnecessary buildings that will cost them services.

    These guys are clueless and proud of it.

  11. Wow, 10:14, you really nailed that. You ought to run for County Council. If I had to guess, you probably are. You are absolutely on target! Until Bob Werner and Scott Parsons came along, council was merrily on it's way to watching the swaption go to unprecedented heights. When Reibman left office it was still in a profit making position. Since then, this Administration and the last council had let it grow to over twenty five million. Then they and Bernie have the gall to blame Reibman. Really??
    Now they all, except Werner thank God, want to rush into a new building that everyone knows is a terrible idea. They are leasing a shell for 30 million dollars. Why wait five years to buy it out. End this ridiculous lease now and build the damn thing yourselves!!! You need to keep Bechtel and build a two story building or just move aging to Bechtel and find a good building in Easton for Children and Youth. They need to be close to the courts anyway..Geez guys, stop the stupid building lease already before it gets out of control like the swaption.

  12. Swaption should have never been entered into. Reibman's pipe dream and Stoffa's mismanagement of such has ultimately cut county services from wasted millions of dollars. Let the betting people stay at the Sands. It is time for some good county people to bring back some common sense and sound decision making.