Friday, April 5, 2013

RMM Stands Alone...

...On a foundation of TRUTH!

My brother Bernie takes pride in slandering and libeling me for no other reason than he hates my guts!

Not because he knows me (he has never sat down with me, even for a cup of coffee), and not because I have ever wronged him - But because I was instrumental in disassembling his evil empire, beginning with Ron Angle, and ending with John Stoffa.

I say again publically...all three are LIARS! I am not slandering or libeling any of them, I can prove it - Standing alone.

No, I have not been abandoned by COAF...don't be ridiculous! They would never do that to me! But I have been singled out once again by Bernie, and for that reason I chose to stand alone ready to battle him in riotousness!

Bernie, please understand that I don't care what you think about me, period. And I don't think that anyone else  really does either.

I care only what GOD thinks about me Bernie.

Yes, I know and I understand that to you I am but a fake this or that, and that's okay...because considering what everyone knows about you, being a fake this or that is actually a step up from you, so I'm proud of that. 

No this is not hate Bernie - It's the TRUTH! Feel it and then deal with it!

I have Jesus Christ whom I serve - Who do you serve Bernie? Just take a guess...please - Just a guess.

When I first went up against you and the other two miscreants, you know, Angle and Stoffa, I did so to serve my GOD Jesus Christ.

Guess what he told me Bernie? He told me that you would attack me without cause because of Him. So please, feel free to attack, just please don't act so surprised when I hit you back.

Yes it's true, Jesus tells me to turn the other cheek! 

However, what you may not realize is that I only have two cheeks, then I hit back.

My Lord and savior Jesus never once in scripture instructs me to be a door-mat for anyone, especially you Bernie.

If however, I'm wrong about that, please feel free to sit with me and teach me where I have gone wrong.  I, unlike you, am receptive to the truth. I don't bend it, or twist it the way you do. I simply accept it for what it is...the TRUTH!

If on the other hand, your hatred for me is so strong that you just want to beat me up as some suggest...then please feel free to name the place and time. I will surely keep the appointment just as Jesus did on the Cross.

I will satisfy your demonic desire and slap you with love...just understand that I am still human, and am likely to close my hand. I promise not strike you unless you strike first, as evident to this point. But know this Bernie, if you ever put your hands on me again, ever, it is possible that I will love you more than you have ever been loved before. How does that sound my brother?

But if you really want to beat me up, as some comments received on this blog suggest you do...then again I say: name the time and place.

STOP talking! Please make it a public place, so that all can see the mistake you will make in touching me again.

I promise not to throw the first blow, and I also promise that you will see all kinds of stars after you do - So please, whatever you do,  take you best shot! Just don't act so surprised when the lights go out, trust me when I say, they will!

I am a man Bernie! I do not cross-dress, and I fear no one but GOD himself. And the fear of God is not fright, but respect. Hopefully you understand the difference.

If you don't, well, let me explain it to you: I am not one of the chumps you are accustom to dealing with. Trust me when I tell you that.

Unlike others, I understand that I can defend myself. Unlike others, I know how to defend myself.

Note that if you ever touch me again Bernie, I will show you what I mean. Yes...I will love you to death, Bernie. I will love you to death.

Lastly, tell Tommy I said hi.



  1. Can you give us the story behind Bernie assaulting you?

  2. Yes Bernie I can! In Court, Please take me there.


  3. Yes we saw him do it twice and the sheriff escorted him down on the elevator.

  4. RMM has withstood every attack from Bernie for years now.
    Bernie has lost.He will never get ahead of the Rev.
    People use Bernie.There is no respect for the kind of intimidation which he tries to hand out.
    Gracedale has trampled all over him,and no one cares what he says or does.
    Keep the faith, Rev.

  5. Rev. Bernie O'Hare is a sad man who failed his father, his family and himself. He is filled with hate and self-loathing. Please don't take anyhting he says seriously. Even his so called "poison posse" remarks behind his back what a pathetic person he is, and they only post to get him worked up.

    A sad soul indeed.

  6. Bernie is on the edge. He will take one more step and then he'll find out how many friends and admirers he has--none. Not even Angle will bother to send a get-well card to such a used-up loser.

  7. All I can say is WOW!