Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Goose Is Cooked...

You can smell...I'm Done!!!
 Stoffa too is done...
...Loses Again!

A day after Ron Angle lost his $1.27 million dollar appeal, County Executive John Stoffa loses a "case of interference" brought against him by DA John Morganelli.

As we have said in the past, it's not about winning or losing - it's about right and wrong. And when one thrives on doing the right thing, one can't help but win. However, when one choses instead to practice deception, being a loser is the only option one has. Just ask Ron and John.

 Ron, John, am I done too?

What John Stoffa, Ron Angle and Bernie O'Hare continue to prove is: that you can't get ahead by hurting others...you just can't do it! No...It just won't happen.

Mr. Stoffa's has played his games, foolishly believing that he has it all under control, but reality dictates that his world is actually spiraling out of control. He would have everyone believe that COAF, or the unions, or someone other than himself is responsible somehow for all his woes...but, once again that thing called reality dictates that he has no one to blame but himself.

His days are numbered because he continuously does wrong by the people he is supposed to be serving. In eight months or so ( perhaps sooner) he will be out of office, leaving a tremendous legacy of mistrust and disgrace.

What a legacy!!!

MCall - Stoffa loses again!

Judge Dally Decision - DA's Office is Independent!


  1. Arrogance is the problem for these three. 2014 should prove to be a very interesting year.

  2. The problem for Bernie is he is done too. He doesn't make anyone tremble anymore. Most people these days follow the example of RMM, who doesn't seem to be bothered by Bernie's name calling. You gotta give the guy credit for dismantling the corruptive trios wall of defense one b[p]rick at a time.

  3. What Angle really has coming over the horizon is a RENTER'S ASSOCIATION organizing all the tenants in his slum housing. What they can do is get together, WITHHOLD THE RENT AS A GROUP and force Angle to try to evict just one of them. In court they can tell the judge the whole story about the conditions of their living spaces and how Angle fails to maintain his properties. Once all the stories come out Angle's little empire will crumble and the tenants will get justice. I bet there are dozens of lawyers who would represent these tenants pro bono.

  4. The Hairball is a bully but you guys are driving him crazy. His name is mud in the LV. He goes to a meeting and the rest of us start laughing at him. Thanks to you all for wrecking The Hairball's Hate Machine.

  5. Ohare talks so much gibberish. He calls this blog a hate blog but when you read his blog you notice that all he allows is hateful words, especially towards anyone he wants to hurt.

  6. So Hairball calls this a hate blog? He's a baby who can dish it out but he can't take it!

  7. Thing RA is driving force for undoing party unity locally?


  8. The Morning Call analysis says Reibman's campaign claims against Callahan are true. BO's blog is silent, after accusing Reibman of dishonesty. The MC says Angle will pay $1 million for his cheating business practices. BO's blog is silent after celebrating that clown for years.
    Stay silent, BO. A lying, sick, dry drunk should keep his hate spewing mouth shut.

  9. Not a Callahan-Fan, so "Team Callahan-O'Hare" is great! O'Hare is the "political kiss of death". If John Callahan was smart, he would would have seen this, but Callahan is an artist at losing elections.