Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's My Way...

...Or else!!! - Here we go again.

County Executive John Stoffa is the biggest mistake voters in Nor-Co ever made. This so called gentle-man is nothing more than a bully with a soft voice.

Last October Northampton County Council by a clear vote indicated that they want to keep Nazareth Ambulance as the service provider to Gracedale.

Well, Stoffa decided to do it again six months later. Two weeks ago Stoffa decided to make another drastic attempt to force Lifestar into service at Gracedale. County Council again (very clearly) said: we want to keep Nazareth Ambulance.

Stoffa figured he could do what he so often does, lowball - Then come back to the well for more water (in this case money).

He did the same thing with the archives building in Forks Township, costing the taxpayers (rounding it off) another $85.000.00.

Now he's going to shovel Lifestar down Councils throat with sealed bids. But wait a minute, who asked for the seal bids? No one?

That's right...NO ONE!!!

Ladies and gentlemen of Nor-Co, here we go again. Mr. Stoffa is up to no good again, and he won't take no for an answer.

He wants us to believe that he is such a good executive that he just cannot ignore $260k in savings. But he has no problem ignoring the taxpayers, who actually foot the bills.

Right! Just like he tried to make us believe that he did not sue the taxpayers with our own money. But we discovered the truth didn't we? And the truth is that he did sue that taxpayers using tax resources. We can prove two hours (although the true amount of hours is likely 60-70). 

Mark our words folks, we will likely pay three times more than the $260k to make up for the losses that Lifestar is taking just to land the Gracedale contract.

Stoffa will (in all probability) come in from the back door with some other lame story about how they did not figure on this or that, and it will now cost an additional X-amount, and we need it yesterday...you know...how he always comes in with his urgency tactic - We must do it now or else! Saying his favorite words...if we don't do this now, I don't know what we'll do...Bla, bla, bla.

The problem has consistently been that John Stoffa enjoys shoveling garbage down our throats. He takes great pleasure in hurting the taxpayers and voters who supported his run for Executive.

John Stoffa's biggest shortfall is that he can't do anything honestly. He is always scheming and conniving.

And so here we go again, wasting more tax-dollars on matters that matter least.

Thanks so much John...for nothing!


  1. How could someone who builds birdhouses in his spare time be capable of all the COAF accuses him of?

    1. The truth is no an accusation, it is the truth.

      John Stoffa did sue the taxpayers with tax resources. Weren't you there Bernie, I mean Tommy, when the announcement was made on December 6?

      He did it! It has been established.

    2. All anyone has to do is go to the couty website and view the video to see that it is true.

  2. Bethlehem City Council on Monday dumped Mayor John Callahan’s proposal to hire a citywide garbage hauler.

    They can't wait to dump him too.

  3. Tommy,
    ......because he is a vulture.....

  4. Off topic, please allow!

    Thought I'd share a one sentence editorial that appeared in the Peoria, Illinois, Journal Star....speaks volumes:

    "A pen in the hand of this president is far more dangerous than a gun in the hands of 200 million law-abiding citizens."

  5. Dear COAF,

    Tomorrow morning John Morganell'is mandamus action against Mr. Stoffa is being heard via the miscellaneous hearing list at 9 am...judge not yet assigned.

    I heard Stoffa has chewed his fingernails down to the cuticles

    join in to see a big happy pupu platter.....kersplat.

  6. This is the real John Stoffa we have come to see and know. For years he has conned people but he is neither honest or ethical. No one we know is surprised that John Stoffa would go around county council to do whatever he wants.

    This is the most irresponsible and dishonest Administration in county hoistory. Even Callaahn would be better than this guy.

  7. john stoffa is nothing more than pure evil ... a snake in the grass he listens to ron angle ... his main advisor along with ohare ... he doesnt have a clue what he's doing on his own and forgets he works for the taxpayer ..... i can't wait to see him gone maybe then sanity will be back in northampton county .... he is the most hateful person i have ever seen .... his fingers are missing because they were crooked ... he is the worst county executive in the history of the county.... and will be remembered as such... thanks for all you do !