Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bethlehem Fire Fighters - Local 735...

Lamont McClure
for County Executive.

Bethlehem Fire Fighters Local 735 with Lamont McClure (center)
We asked David A. Saltzer (president of Local 735), why did the Fire Fighters of Bethlehem decide to support Lamont McClure for County Executive, his response was:

"Basically, the whole idea is we've had ten years of Callahan here in the city, and he's really turn his back on the people here. I mean, we now have the lowest working force ever. We've lost staffing, we've lost fire stations, we've lost cops. You know...we don't want to see that happen to the County. We don't want to see the County being run the way the City is being run. There's just no way that we would endorse Callahan! We think that Lamont McClure is the best candidate for the job."

Mr. Saltzer gave us the impression that he is convinced by the "people serving" actions on various issues by Lamont McClure, that he is without a doubt the very best man to run the county.

Lamont was very pleased to say the least. Think about it. To be endorsed by the Fire Fighters in the City of Bethlehem is huge.

We can only ask the question that begs to be asked - If John Callahan is really so popular with the "First Responders" of the city, then why would they endorse Lamont McClure and not him? Oh, that's right, because...
...Lamont McClure
is the very best candidate for the job!


  1. Wow this tells you a lot about what's really going on in Bethlehem. Forget about the pretty picture Callahan tries to paint. These frontline public servants not supporting their boss should tell you something.

  2. If I were up in the air with my choice, this would have made up my mind. Politicians who serve well their constituents normally enjoy the renewed support of their constituents. Obviously that's not the case with Callahan.

  3. Yes, without question this is telling. mainly because these guys have to work for Callahan for the rest of this year.. They are risking a lot in doing this and I am proud of their stance...Wow.