Monday, April 1, 2013

When Will They Understand...

gracedale sign...That all We The People want is to secure the well being of Gracedale, not just for ourselves, but for our posterity as well.

We understand that there are several newcomers to the Nor-Co political race, and we want to be fair to all who desire to serve the "Peoples" interest in Nor-Co.

We are asking all candidates for County Executive, as well as for County Council to tell us right here on this blog, what their position is relating to Gracedale.

All you have to do is send an email to, with  a communication device so that we can verify the content of the email was actually authored by the candidate, and we will post your position response in it's entirety as a comment on this blog.

We certainly will support any candidate who desires the well being of Gracedale.

For example: we fully support Lamont McClure for County Executive because he has openly demonstrated his desire for the well being of Gracedale. He has promised us that whatever happens, selling Gracedale is not an option.

We would like to know how many other candidates  out there feel the same way.

We will publically endorse all candidates who promise to do the will of We The People!


  1. That seems easy. Don't you think every candidate will just tell you what you want to hear? I doubt any will say they would sell Gracedale, even if they don't mean it.

    Doesn't seem to be a point in even asking.

  2. What is Lamont McClure's position? How will he ensure that Gracedale receives the proper funding for now and in the future? What is his plan?

  3. Lamont has already shown from day one that he is behind Gracedale. No one else was around..When Reibman was in he supported Gracedale and it was profitable. Callahan? He was Nowhere when it first became an issue. He could have been a powerful force in support of it at the time and really had no public opinion. Ensuring Gracedale's position in the future will be easy if the County would stop wasting millions on Human Service buildings they don't need..Ms. Ferraro, McClure, and Parsons were compelled to support it because Ross Marcus let the Wolfe building fall down , almost literally, on the heads of the employees. SEIU members supported it for the same reason..However, in the end, this building will be a monument to government waste and if constructed will hurt the County's bottom line and will therefore hurt gracedale..Luckily, we will have a county council in 2014
    that will not let Gracedale fall..No matter what..

  4. If McClure wins, who will replace him on council?

  5. Word on th street, Bernie O'Hare would be appointed to the seat. Some say Stoffa may apply.

  6. i will vote for mclure only if he supports all of the employee's of the county and not just union members ... i would like to be reassured he has ALL THE TAXPAYERS AND All the non union personell in mind. Rumor has it that union members meet with him giving him demands ... i want to be sure he will meet all people's concerns...