Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Need...

...Good Government.

What does that mean?

It means we need to elect the right candidates into County office this year so that we can establish, perhaps for the first time in the last thirty years, a governing body that is true an sincere to the people they are to serve.

So what are some of the qualities we should be seeking? Well let's see???

1. Accountability - We need to elect people who do not get insulted when we hold them accountable.

2. Transparency - We need to elect people who don't ever hide anything from the taxpayers and electors.

3. Responsive - We need to elect people who will respond to any concerns the We The People have (and share with them).

4. Equitable and inclusive - We need to elect people who treat the people they are to serve as equals, with fairness and honesty. And, who understand that We The People should be included in any decision making because WE is the first word of our Constitution.

5. Effective and efficient - We need to elect people who are effective working together to achieve efficient results.

6. Follows the rule of law - (This is a big one!) We need to elect people who understand that we have rules of law for a purpose. To help us all stay on course without crashing. An aircraft that decides to fly blind following no rules of law will eventually run out of fuel, and will crash and burn. Much like what happened to the ousted Ron Angle, and like what is happening right now to John Stoffa (who refuses to abide by the rules of law).

7. Participatory - We need to elect people who afford the community they serve the opportunity for individual participation.

8. Consensus oriented - We need to elect people who understand without question that the We The People have opinions that matter. And who are willing to work with us toward a common goal...for the good of the entire County.

Yes that's a tall order these days. One of the biggest problems we have witnessed in government these days is a lack of honesty. It seems that some of our elected official will say anything to get elected, and then get a case of amnesia. They forget all the promises they made to get to where they are...

...We call that arrogance mixed-in with stupidity. What we mean  by that is anyone can fool the people for a term, but with an engaged PEOPLE, that's all they'll serve.

When we realize we've been duped - We The People will removed them at the very earliest opportunity possible. Trust us on that!

 Get out and VOTE for the best...
...if the best fail us - they weren't the best...
...Get out and VOTE again!


  1. Please refrain from trashing a couple of well-known creeps over a relative's misdeeds. You see, in Bernie's world, you are only allowed to tarnish innocent members of someone's family in an attempt to hurt the actual target.

  2. Sadly the evil one from Upper Mount Bethel has had a sad situation regarding his son and his breaking the law and going to jail. I will not get into that story, as it is in the papers.
    The thing that is sad is that Bernie O'Hare brought it up on his hate blog and attacked another blogger who mentioned it. Mr. O'Hare iis deleeitng comments unless they are fawning all over Mr. Angle and attacking others.

    Once agaim Mr. O'Hare is blind to his own hypocrisy. He has condemned and attacked many good people over the years. He has made accusations and vile comments about people while trying to destroy families and reputations.

    Now that it is his buddy Angle, O'Hare is all pious and claiming everyone but he is evil.
    I must say that Karma may be a force that is strong in the universe.

    Mr. O'Hare, Mr. Angle Sr. and Mr. Stoffa are all, and continue to be, victims of their own hateful actions. It is sad that a son must suffer the sins of the father. With a parent like Ron Angle, did the boy ever have a chance?

    I think we should all pray for the boy and not blame him for having to grow up under the influence of a man like his father.
    O'Hare is just a hypocritical monster who is the Queen of evil, and now wants to blame others for things he has been doing to families for years.

    Get help O'Hare, you are in worse shape than the boy. We do not attack famly memebers, thart is you and your poison posse's game.

    1. Yes let us pray for the young man.

  3. It is a sad day for the Angle family, may the spirit of the COAF join them

  4. O'Hare is evil. He is using the situation wuith the young Ron Angle to attack the COAF and others, through his poison posse. He is deleting all comments that call him on his usual hypocrasy but allows all comments that attack the Reverand and others.

    I am not surprised the young man has issues, since he has gorwn up around people like O'Hare and Angle Sr.. I hope he finds help, away from old man Angle and evil O'Hare.

  5. Bernie the Hairball is the one writing all the fawning comments at his blog. He is without shame!

  6. BO is real good. Took the allegations against Ron Angle, Jr., and spun them into attacks on others.

    Just read what the real media is reporting for yourself, Ronald Angle Jr., of Upper Mount Bethel Township, and another man face charges after drug deal, police report - UPDATE