Monday, April 15, 2013

The First County Executive Candidate's Debate...

...Was taped on Business Matters last Thursday.

We encourage all of our readers to view the debate, as well as pass the word so that others who may not be aware can also view it.

The debate will air Monday, April 15, 2013 at 7:30 pm, WFMZ-69.

We understand that it was a very good debate, with our choice "Lamont McClure" seen as the winner of the debate.

We will discuss it in more detail after it airs.

Monday 7:30 pm WFMZ - 69 


  1. It will be worth a half hour of your time to help you see why McClure will and should be your choice for the next County Exec. He will bring much needed POSITIVE change to our county.

  2. Listen up Gracedale employees did you hear Callahan say he has done more work in the city of Bethlehem with less workers. I did that sounds a lot like what has already happened at Gracedale. Can you work with less staff? Lamont said he would improve the quality of care and how do you that. You do that by adding to ratio of employees to residents just like it was before Stoffa cut it. Even Reibman said Gracedale was running well before Stoffa. We don't need another John in there cutting staff and dragging down Gracedales rating.

  3. McClure did the best in the debate, Callahan did the worst.

  4. Two Johns don't make a right!

  5. After watching and listening to this debate,McClure is my person hands down.
    NORCO needs to elect a new broom and sweep it clean.
    I thought that he handled himself and the material quite well.
    I especially liked the no tax rise,and I believe him.