Wednesday, April 17, 2013

You Want To Know What We Think?...

...Instead, We'll tell you what we know - We would support Lamont McClure for District Attorney too.

McClure Serving The People.
Why? Because he is honest and trustworthy, just Like John Morganelli is.

The nonsensical ignoramus asked, and so we'll tell him what he really doesn't want to hear...the TRUTH.

If you noticed, NI say's: "Lamont McClure managed to take shots at both of his opponents, damaging them to some extent."

This statement is so amusing. Every time the good guys tell the TRUTH, they are taking shots or attacking!

Anyone who watched the debate understands that Lamont McClure didn't take shots at anyone, he merely expressed the TRUTH as he knows it.

NI also called Mr. McClure a bully, which is the farthest thing from the TRUTH! Anyone who knows Mr. McClure knows that he is a humble man. Will he stand up and fight for what is right? Absolutely! That's exactly the expectation we have of him, and he has fulfilled that expectation time and time again.

And YES, he is the statesman WE voters want to see in the County Executive will discover that soon enough.

Mr. McClure is a man of exceptional principles and morals, and it does not surprise us that NI continuously pokes fun of Mr. McClure.

If you read into NI's theory, it sounds like he is jealous of the honest Lamont McClure. Jealous that he has a positive relationship with the honest John Morganelli.

And yes, honorable men  tend to associate with honorable men...just like despicable men gravitate to despicable men.

As the saying goes:
Tell me who you walk with, and I'll tell you who you are!
Lamont McClure
For County Executive


  1. Thank you for these kind words that I do not deserve. It really should go without saying, but I'm running for County Executive because I want to be County Executive.


  2. Please everyone, support Lamont McClure for Executive and Ron Heckman and Jerry Seyfried for county council. Bring back sanity and honesty to county government.

    Thank You!

  3. Lamont, all you have to do is win, and then be the best county executive this county has ever had.


  4. Bernie the Hairball. Bernie the Lyin' King. Bernie the Harebrain. I can't decide which one fits best.