Thursday, April 4, 2013

I won't...

...Vote for you!

Those are the words of one disappointed Allentown woman. The resident was speaking with regard to the water/sewer lease bid by LCA.

We typically do not discuss matters outside of our county because there is enough to be said in our own backyard. However, we found it interesting that in Allentown there seems to be an attempt to silence the voice of the people...and the people are not having it.

Near one hundred residents showed up to the meeting last night, prepared to discus the lease option and share their opinions...only to discover that they would not be afforded the opportunity.

The residents/taxpayers of Allentown wanted an answer to one question: WHY?

Allentown City Council members vice president Ray O'Connell (left) and president Julio Guridy listen during a council meeting. Many community members showed up to the council meeting to discuss the pending water and sewer lease on Wednesday at Allentown City Hall...City Council President Julio Guridy had no intention of allowing anyone to speak on the matter, so he expressed that intent early in the meeting. But why?

Mr. Guridy told the residents that items of the deal cannot be discussed, and certainly that is understandable to reasonable people. What is not understandable to anyone is: Why wouldn't he allow the residents (who took time out of their busy lives) to share their thoughts on a matter of concern to them? Why?

Residents were disappointed and disturbed because the city charter does not provide City Council  the right to take away "the peoples basic right" to express their views and opinions. They were rightly disgusted.

A question that begged to be asked (and was ask by Rich Fegley) was: Where does it state in the City Charter that something that is on the agenda can't be addressed by the public? Of course the question received no answer.

It seems that our government officials (elected by the people) somehow forget who they really work for.

Imagine you're at work, and in a daily meeting you are confronted by your boss who has some questions on your performance. And you tell him/her to shut up! How well do you think that will go over...Not very good, right?

Sadly, this appears to be a big problem within the American Government system, and really, it does not have to be.

The only thing the Allentown residents desired was an opportunity to express their voice. And the only thing that City Council had to do was allow it.

We would suggest City Council take notice to what the women in the beginning of this post said: I won't VOTE for you. That statement had the ring of a promise.


  1. Hats off to Richard Fegley who stood up like our own.

  2. when you have 5 corkscrews with the same handle, there tends to be a quagmire

  3. i disagree with you on virtually every issue.

    but this is a really good post.

    1. Disagreement is actually healthy as long as its done civilly.