Wednesday, April 3, 2013


...Is a Stoffa trademark.

County Executive John Stoffa is so angry at how lousy his life as executive turned out, that he just wants to hurt every taxpayer of the county, in any way he can.

There has never been Stoffa-loyalty to the taxpayers, so we can forget about that. But think that we trusted this imbecile with the highest level elected position in the county.

How does he repay those who elected him? By mocking them!

And what about County Council?  For whatever the reason, they were trying to be loyal to Stoffa. How do we know that? Because they have done a great job of sitting silent on John Stoffa's behalf. And because of their silence, even the media has not dealt John the Stoffa-Gift hand. And so how does he repay County Council? By spitting in their faces.

John Stoffa is a bitter 70 year old man that seems to be reverting to a child-like state, telling County Council: I will get my way, yes...I will get my way. 

In our opinion, John has become vindictive and deranged to the point that he cannot sanely carry out his responsibilities.

How does County Council fix this problem now? Well that's simple...Censure John Stoffa for misusing tax resources and demand his resignation.

If that doesn't work, use the home rule charter and the letter of the law to forcibly remove him  from office. We can only suggest that care is taken because in his deranged state of mind, who knows what he is capable of?

It's understandable that he wishes he could turn back the hands of time, especially to the point where he lied to COAF about his intentions relating to Gracedale.

If so, he would be able to repair his relationship with all of the wonderful taxpayers who pay his generous salary. And he would be the people's hero, loved by all the citizens of the county. So much so that the people would honor him with a building named after him (that didn't happen, did it?).

In his dream world he would go out in total victory, known as the greatest County Executive ever!

Back to reality - Every day for the last couple of years he wakes up to the real world. The world he so foolishly created. To taxpayers and electors who despise him for putting his needs above the County's. And he just can't handle it, so what does he chose to do? GET EVEN!

Yes, just like a child that doesn't know better, he is trying to GET EVEN!!!

With who, you ask? 

With COAF, and the taxpayers, and the electors, and County Council. You name it, he's trying everything he can to get "EVEN" with the good folks of the County. The very folks who trusted him...elected him - Sad!

The big question of course is...what will County Council do?

Will they just wipe the spit from their faces and let the spoil brat circumvent them again?...

...or, will they finally act like the representatives we expect them to be, and inform Stoffa that his childish behavior is not going to be tolerated!

Which will it be? Your guess is as good as ours!


  1. If he can't get his way he will take down everything with him. He used to be charming to your face until he found out it doesn't work any more. When is council going to wake up? I can't wait until Stoffa walks out the door permanently.

  2. he should be drug tested and evaluated to check his mental capacity to see if he is fit to be in office ...

  3. Instead of protecting stoffa county council should stand up to him. they already made the same decision twice about who they want servicing Gracedale so why is stoffa trying to get his way with out involving them? council wake the *&$# up.

  4. Is it really possible that Stoffa has Scott and Bob under his spell? Surprising is all I can say. But, never the less, you guys picked them! Now your stuck with them.

    1. Yes we picked them, it's true. And although they have made a few poor decisions, they are still better than angle and dowd, wouldn't you agree?

    2. Stoffa says to them "Please pity me" and they do.