Thursday, April 18, 2013

YES...The County Should Maintain Its Facilities!

The conniving trio.
...And County Executive John Stoffa Failed to do so because he was too busy conniving.

The dilapidation of County owned facilities, parking lots, bridges, etc. was in-fact caused (without a doubt) by John Stoffa's inability to secure quality organizations who could produce quality results.

Lawsuit because job was not completed satisfactory.
Just think back to the courthouse parking lot, what a fiasco that turned out to be (lawsuit). Why was that the case? Because he was too busy opening doors for meeting goers (which he forgot about). And instead of calling for security to handle the matter, he decided to go pose for pictures. Talk about security risk. According to his attack-dog, everyone Stoffa allowed in were not adequately processed and inspected. And then Stoffa had the audacity to complain that Courthouse security was light of the recent Boston terror attack, Stoffa's actions are a joke to say the least!

From John Stoffa.

John Stoffa is definitely (without question) the WORST County Executive Northampton County has ever been duped into electing. 

Hence, the reason why Lamont McClure makes the most sense to take over as County Executive.

 Take note that the nonsensical ignoramus points out: "It will take at least two years for that Executive to understand what is going on".

Given the opportunity - McClure will correct
the damage done by John Stoffa
However, that's not the case if  Mr. McClure is elected. 

Councilman McClure has been enduring Stoffa's reckless failures for seven years now. Unfortunately, he could not effect positive changes because Ron Angle was in the same bed with John Stoffa. And we all know just how Angle manipulated County Council, we witnessed it firsthand! And those Angle could not control like the honorable Mrs. Ann McHale, and current Executive hopeful Lamont McClure, he chastised instead, over and over again. Their mission seemingly was to destroy the County by first destroying Gracedale. We The People weren't having it!

It could've been easy...
...But Stoffa made it difficult!
The issue for County Council now is one of discernment.

They need to cautiously identify the reality of Stoffa's intention on any matter he brings before them.

Councilman Kraft is correct to be careful, but doing nothing is not the answer.

Councils job just became a little bit more difficult. As we perceive matters, Stoffa's intent is to create chaos in his last months. If Council cannot see through the mountains of manure that Stoffa will be selling, and agree to truly work together with the best interest of the County in heart and in mind, then Stoffa will likely succeed in his final attempt to destroy our thriving County.

We all must do our part!
If We The People however, do our part on May 21, 2013, and elect Mr. McClure, he will hit the ground running.

But it doesn't end there. We also need to elect the right Council men and women to work hand in hand with our new County Executive...

...Lamont McClure.

PS - We suspect the real reason that John Stoffa decided not to run again is he knows that if he did, We The People would give him the boot just like we did his duplicitous friend Ron Angle.


  1. "Blogger Ken Kraft said...
    It's not that simple Bernie, first it was 40,000 retainage then it was a 50,000 retainage. Then when I asked they could not tell me the hourly rate that we would be paying them when we call them for services. And a representative from the firm was at the mike at the meeting. So I want to fix the buildings and maintain them just as much as you, but come on, I also need answers before I spend taxpayer money, or just flush it down the toilet."

  2. When your right your right!

  3. Thank you COAF. Please remind voters aobnut Lamont right before the election. Also don't forget to remind the people about the council candidates we know can be trusted to be intelligent and worthy of election.