Monday, April 29, 2013

Peg Ferraro - We Support Her...

...Because she too helped us with Gracedale.

Jim Gregory paid her the greatest compliment that any person can pay a call her "a Republican with a Democrats heart" is in our opinion,  the ultimate compliment.

Well, just think about this - it tells us, as well as the rest of the world, that she does the right thing all the time. Not just sometimes, but ALL the time. How so? Simple, when she agrees with an issue that her party does not agree with, she does what in her heart she feels is right, regardless of her party's view. In our opinion, this is exactly how all politicians should conduct themselves.

Ms. Ferraro understands that she does not know everything, and that there will be times that she will struggle with a matter that comes before her for consideration and resolution. She also understands that during those times of difficult decision making, a whisper from her electors should suffice to help her make the decision. She also works very well with her colleagues, in addition to her constituents.

Most importantly, listening to those who by the power of their vote entrusted the county to a statesperson is the difference between a statesperson and a politician. Peg knows how to listen.

COAF Stands behind Ms. Ferraro, and we endorse her because in the darkness of the Gracedale Initiative process (although she struggled with the matter), in the end she did the right thing. And we are confident that she always will.


  1. If Stoffa would have listened and followed through with "The Ferraro Plan" for Gracedale, there would have been no problem at all.
    But Stoffa and Angle were lying and conniving and were not seeking a resolution. They wanted the money from the sale of Gracedale for their all-knowing plans.
    Always remember the lies which Stoffa and Angle spoke about month after month and tried to use intimidation through their blogger.
    Peg had the answer from the BEGINNING without the ridiculous loss of our tax money trying to fight the public all the way.

    Thank you Peg.

  2. I tend to disagree. She puts her finger in the wind and goes in that direction. If you folks had not pushed as hard as you did, she would have folded. She is not a person with strong convcitions.

  3. I couldn't agree more with your assessment of Peg Ferraro. She really does do what she believes is the right thing, every time. Other politicians can talk about doing that if they are elected, but Peg has a proven record of doing it for nearly two decades.

    I'm proud to support her!

  4. Peg went out on the line when it came to Gracedale she did what she thought was right and she has always been fair with county employees. Peg is someone you can talk to and she will always listen. While I don't always agree with her parties view she has been a shinning star of the republican party in Northampton county. Thank you Peg I wish the other Republicans on council had a mind of there own you have my vote.

  5. She was also the only one to back up Gregory when he was before Council..Way to go Ms. Ferraro! Keep up the good work! Anonymous 1:00 sounds like an opponent. Talk about cowardice. If you want to take a shot, give your name..Otherwise, go to Ohare 's blog. That's where the cowards and cheap shot artists go to die.

  6. Ben Miller, are you related to Chris Miller?


    1. No. Ironically, I have a brother named Chris, but he's not the man involved in Nazareth borough politics.

  7. @11:11 AM you're partly right that Angle and Brainless O'Hairy wanted the money from the Gracedale sale for their own purposes. Asshair for example could have used the sale to show how much he was worth to politicians as a writer (HA HA HA HA! He's no writer). But both of them also wanted to hurt working men and women and their unions because NEITHER PLAY-EVERY-ANGLE NOR BIRDBRAIN HAIRBALL HAVE EVER DONE A DECENT DAY'S WORK IN THEIR LIVES!