Monday, April 15, 2013

Is It About Democrats Or About Republicans?

NO!...Its about Democracy.

We know many within our own ranks who may-be Democrats or Republicans but in reality, they may-be neither.

What that means is that they chose a side, in some cases by tossing a coin, because they had to be one or the other in order to vote in the primaries.

We know Republicans who switched sides this years simply to be able to vote in this very important upcoming primary election, where Lamont McClure is seen by most who are involved and have engaged government, as the best choice because he doesn't just talk, he most importantly listens, and then acts in the best interest of the entire county.

ImageWe're not pushing Mr. McClure for County Executive simply because we like him! No way Jose, we're behind him 100% because we have witnessed him (firsthand) take control of (especially) the Gracedale issue, and standing alone in several instances, represented We The People without hesitation, the way we expected him to serve us.

He focused his attention on the goals we presented to Council, instead of focusing (like others did) on the deception that John Stoffa and Ron Angle were telling, you remember, of a looming tax increase if we kept Gracedale in county hands.

What do we know today?...As predicted by Councilman Lamont McClure, and Controller Stephen Barron, a tax increase was not necessary at all. The deceiving trio can say anything they want to, but the truth is (as reported earlier this year), the County still has 42 Million in a general fund account. So really...was a tax increase ever necessary? hasn't happened because it never had to happen. And yes, we still have a healthy general fund.

Lamont McClure did all his homework - Passed all test, received straight A's from We The People...and to him we say - Keep up the excellent service.

Lamont McClure
For County Executive

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