Tuesday, April 30, 2013

We Are Engaged!

The only way to make a difference is to VOTE!
COAF has pledged to stay actively engaged and involved in County Government, and to our credit we have done so.

This post however, is not about taking credit, but about education.

Our deliberate involvement in county government is for the benefit of the county. We can speak to who is doing what and why because we are involved. And we are willing to sit with any candidate who seeks our support, with the motive of learning what and who they represent, and with the intention of educating the electors who for one reason or an other cannot themselves be involved.

We The People deserve better!
The good folks of this county deserve better, and they know who we are. And most importantly, who we represent...We The People.

Any elected official seeking re-election, or any political hopeful must understand that if they make us promises to gain our support, and we support them though our endorsement, we promise we will hold them accountable if they stray off an honorable course. Any politico trying to deceive us will discover this.

NO...we're not seeking a bunch of puppets - we're seeking "just" and "honest" men and women who desire to honorably serve us.

We are sick and tired of the despicable governing we have had the misfortune to witness over the last several years. We're done with that!

By the power vested in our VOTE...we will change the face of our County Government.

Hard at work cleaning our house
While our primary purpose certainly is to safe-guard Gracedale. Our secondary purpose is to help educate the electors so their "pull of the lever" leads to honest government.

Their is no longer room for the likes of John Stoffa or Ron Angle in Northampton County. It's no mistake that four out of five County Council incumbents are not seeking re-election. They would not win if they did, and they know it! Because We The People are cleaning house.

Working together as intended.
We want our Republicans working with our Democrats, and visa versa. We want to witness clean matches were sinks are not being hurled at opponents.  All of that foul behavior MUST stop...and we are here to make sure it does stop.

It may take much hard work and a few more years but,...
...We The People will clean our house. Trust us on that!
VOTE - May 21


  1. This is one of the best posts I've ever read here. And you guys and gals of the COAF are some of the best people I know. Thank you for standing up to the haters and destroyers like Stoffa, Angle and O'Hare. They have no power left except to get themselves a little attention now and then.

    Your endorsements COUNT and I'm voting for everybody you recommend.


  3. I agree with 8:08. This is a great post.

  4. Please remind voters of all your picks and recommendations before the election.

  5. Did you see Callahan's responses on lehigh valley live. It's looks like AFSCME and the labor council got it right. Cut pension and benefits to workers county wide. Then raise your taxes. He also attacks McClure for missing meetings ha. McClure has a job and I'm sure he can't just leave in the middle of a court case. When he becomes executive I'm sure he'll be there all the time. I mean even if he shows up 50% of the time it will still be better then what we have now. McClure is the best candidate for all Northampton county residents.

  6. If McClure won and didnt show up at all, it would be better than what we have now..Seriously..Stoffa needs to head out of town and take his pathetic troups with him. This council needs to stop sleeping and start calling Stoffa out on everything. It cant be McClure carrying all the water..Wake up Council!!!!!! The man is tearing the county apart and you stand idly by. Callahan, the classic Wuss hasn't said anything about what he'll do to make things better. He hasnt even said whether he'll keep Stoffa's staff or not. He has no guts. If he somehow wins this promary, the coalition needs to keep fighting him. The Republican candidate couldn't be worse than Callahan if he tried, or if he went to sleep. Good article.

  7. i know i will be voting for mclure , still not sure on the others yet , but i will say he has my vote because in watching him at council meetings ... he treats people with respect isn't rude and takes the time to listen to people's concerns , that is a quality i much admire it isn't always in watch you say that gets a vote it's also in how you act. stoffa showed no respect to anyone and enjoys idle gossip and believes it he along with ohare enjoy hurting others it's enough to make a person sick! so glad he's going and a man of integrity will fill his shoes!

  8. Stoffa and Ohare will have their day, sooner rather than later..They are two pathetically evil and sick individuals.
    Ohare will one day disrespect the wrong person. Can't wait till January when their nightmare finally ends. When Callahan loses in the primary or general, then Bernie's days of self impotance will certainly end.