Monday, May 7, 2012

How Much Did It Cost The Taxpayers?

A minimum of - A WHOPPING $31,000.00+

That's right NorCo...31+K.

Here are some of the numbers to this point, that we are aware of and can substantiate:

Name of Person Billed Hours Billed Total Cost to Tax Payers
Mark Stewart 50 $12,500.00
Kevin Skjoldal 4.7 $1,104.50
Jennifer Skoff 14.8 $2,072.00
Edward Lanza 18.6 $4,371.00
Leslie Radgman 8.5 $1,105.00
Lori Walter 9.4 $1,316.00
Sonja Williams 29 $4,495.00
Elizabeth McCoy 19.5 $4,582.50
Total 154.5 $31,546.00

This is  money that could have been better spent on Gracedale and/or other legitimate county projects.

We The People beleive the time has come for Mr. Stoffa to step down

What a tangled web they weave.


  1. Instead of digging his hole even deeper, Stoffa ought to come clean.
    The county is on to his game with his cohorts the legendary Angle and BO.

  2. Seems Bo is busy photographing more little boys of no relation to him, and uploading them on his blog. He should be spending his time getting a criminal defense lawyer to defend him for robbing the taxpayers.....YES......robbing the taxpayers is what he, ANGLE AND STOFFA did!!

  3. Own up Stoffa. Admit your mistakes make restitution and go home OR face possible time behind bars for illegal activity. Plain and simple.

  4. Word on the street is, think of all the good that money could have done. It was all for not, could have started a fire with it and coooked hotdogs on it. AT least you could eat from it, or stay warm.

  5. I am a taxpayer and I want the O'hare/Angle team to pay me my money back NOW

  6. All that money and they lost. (THANK GOD] the whole thing is a mess. should have been paying attention to the swapripoff . 26 million down the drain thats 5 or 6 years for gracedale.

  7. Give us our money back. Let Angle use his own personal funds. Who do these 3 think they are fooling?

  8. It is sad that O'Hare can't help but take pictures of young boys and post them on his hate blog. That is just sick. The MC gives him an award for that? Amazing!

  9. Word on the street is , is it true that Mark Steward is refering all calls to the bulling department? Makes one wounder wht he is hideing.

  10. has anyone noticed that there is not a word by bo. I guess if he hides in the sand it will go away. Or he might be hiding under a rock. Where o where has my bo gone where o where can he be.

  11. He's busy searching for a criminal defense lawyers and a box of tic tacs