Saturday, May 26, 2012

Top Ten Most Evil People In The World...

evil me!!10. Attila The Hun
9. Maximilien Robespierre
8. Ruhollah Khomeini
7. Idi Amin Dada
6. Leopold II of Belgium
5. Pol Pot
4. Vlad Ţepeş
3. Ivan IV of Russia
2. Adolf Hitler
1. Josef Stalin

What about in NorCo?

Take a guess who in our opinion are the TOP THREE MOST EVIL men in NorCo.

YES, YES, YES!!! - You got it:

3. Bernie (the wannabe) O'hare
2. Ron (MIA) Angle
1. John (the conniver) Stoffa

Gracedale procession

We The People opine that these three are the worst of the worst in NorCo, based of course on the content of their malicious activities dealing with our beloved Gracedale, home of all in need, who can not - for one reason or for themselves.

When We The People chose to stand up and defend our elders and loved ones, we became targets for these three depraved and vicious EVIL men.
To this day they persecute us...but that's okay because we're not going away!

They must come to terms with the reality that they can no longer ignore or intimidate We The People...A fact they are coming to grips with. 

They will not hector, or bully, or browbeat us any longer...we will not stand for it, and we will not tolerate it any longer -  We The People will stand up to them, and fear not...because We ARE The People.


  1. One would think that they should have gotten that message a long time ago.
    The real question is when is NORCO going to at least look into the trio's dirty tricks?
    Surrounding the wagon days are now over.Conklin ran;Bernie is under a rock; Angle is now missing in action;and Stoffa is shaking. Even Mark S. is making every effort to cover his rear end.Mark,I'll bet, is not going to allow our 3 clowns/goons to ruin his career.

  2. O'Hare is working for his future. He is now in the Callahan camp. He has been promised something but what. O'Hare is already starting to delete questions and comments about Callahan.

    Rumors about a meeting between O'Hare and a Callahan operative regarding O'Hare and Gracedale.

    We must stay very, very vigilent.

  3. I think anon 4:21 is true. O'Hare has shut down comment son his thread questioning him. he will allow Pawlowski attacks but has begun to protect Mayor Callahan.

    Watch your bedfellows. Never again!!