Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Gracedale Advisory Board Meeting

Friday June 1, 11 AM. Tower 1 conference Room At Gracedale.

These meetings are open to the public so anyone wishing to attend - to hear and see what the GAB is processing may do we understand it, they welcome...and hope to see you there.

While Mr. Stoffa would not choose but one member of the COAF to serve on the GAB (regretfully we're sure), COAF will continue to monitor the direction and progress of the group. We extend a warm thank you to all who are currently selected for service. And we hope you all understand that COAF is not an enemy...we are folks just like you - with a heartfelt desire to do the right thing for Gracedale...and for humanity.

Thank you again...and may God Bless all of your efforts.

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