Friday, May 25, 2012

We ARE The People...

...But the Executive John Stoffa does not seem to comprehend that.

In our opinion, Mr. Stoffa has been manipulating so many, for so long...suffering no consequences, feeling invincible, like it would last forever. And then - We The People decided to hold him accountable...

Those miserable little people...making me so ANGRY!!!

WHY - WHY - WHY???

Taxpayers listen up - The Judge in the Bill DeWeese case called him "THE INSTIGATOR", sentencing him 2 yrs in who is the instigator in NorCo? - Some point to John R. Conklin, but NO...he was just a pawn that Mr. Stoffa could throw under the bus - and we're sure he has a lot to share, but NO, NO, NO...this one is easy, JOHN STOFFA.

When John met with us in the 911 building - he told us some very interesting things about Ron "MIA" you remember that John - WE DO! Maybe Ron would be interested in knowing exactly what you told us. And what about Bernie?...Do you remember what you had to say about him? HMMM...if only he knew, he would be going after you instead of the Honorable Mayor Powlowski in Allentown.

You should have listened to us John...we never lied to you. In fact, every thing we told would happen if We The People were defied - HAPPENED...didn't it John!

We TOLD you - with GOD on our side, who can stand against didn't believe us did you John - well now you know.

After you step down...or are removed - we will complete the last leg of the race...and then our house will be clean.

Intimidation of We The People will never again work. Give it up John...

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  1. O'Hare is now deleting comments about Callahan. Rumors about a Callahan insider and O'Hare meeting. The topic was O'Hares future and Gtracedale.

    We must remain very, very vigilent. There are some amongst us who are more concerend about political futures than what IS RIGHT.