Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mr. Stoffa Believes...

...That loyalty to oneself is still loyalty...We The People see it as BETRAYAL instead.

Well, lets explore what betrayal is. First we must understand that before there can be betrayal there has to be TRUST...make sense - sure it does.

Second, before a man can betray his country, his friends, his sweetheart, there must be a moral bond, otherwise all he can betray is his the case of County Executive John Stoffa - there doesn't appear to be a conscience. His actions relating to the Gracedale initiative indicate he believes in his heart that in politics it is sometimes necessary either to betray one's friends or the electorate. His decision to SUE The People clearly demonstrated that he prefers to betray the electorate.

Stoffa's deceptive betrayal reminds us of the man staring down the barrel of a gun, held by his wife/girlfriend - and says to her:

OK, OK, OK...
...yes, I admit telling her to make me a sandwich!
And yes, I admit to eating it!
But...I never enjoyed one bite!


She didn't buy it...and neither did WE!

0957 05/25/12 - Update - The end story here is about a wife/girlfriend who did not believe her husband/boyfriend, who betrayed her by cheating on her with another woman. The wife/girlfriend did not believe her husband/boy friend and took matters into her own hands...our only intent is to say: just as the woman did not believe her husband because she knew better - we don't believe Mr. Stoffa when he says that he did not misuse tax dollars because we know better. That's it in a nutshell.


  1. Word on the street is, They went after almost 19,00.00 from the court system. They need to go after 31,000.00 that Stoffa used of taxpayers money. This was done to keep the taxpayers from voting on deciding if they wanted to keep Gracedale or sell it. 31,000.00+ spent to stop the voters, WHY?

  2. Sorry that figure for the court system should be 19,000.00

  3. Where is bo and Angle in this deal seems that they are avoiding Stoffa . Did they throw him under the bus. Are they comming out of hiding, or do they think the people will forget about it. Why did bo race to Stoffas office after the last Counsel meeting? Remember it is not over yet.

  4. Stoffa said that handing the ball to bo saved the county thousands of dollars. Than why did the county pay EC over 31,00.00 for helping bo. I do not see where the county saved money. Remember what conklin said at counsel when I found bo was filling a law suit I told EC to stop looking at petitions. Who told E.C. to keep going and why? John Stoffa since you read this blog maybe you would like to answer this question.

  5. Stoffa thinks he is Northampton County's own Abe Lincoln. He is no Lincoln, he isn't even a Ford.

    O'Hare is on his hate blog defending Stoffa's use of the "broad mandate" in the resolution hiring the law firm. While attacking Mr. Barron at the same time.

    So the question to ask county council is, "When you passed this did you intend the county executive to divert county taxpayer dollars to private citizens fighting other private citizen in court?". My guess is you will not get an answer.

  6. I suspect your right NO answer. Or, they agree with us! We elected some very responsible council people, we now have to give them the opportunity to do the right thing.

  7. They will do the right thing,for good always triumphs over evil.
    Stoffa should be representing us not o'hare and angle.
    I also think that Cusick is an honest man and will make very good use of his management skills in order to lead Coucil in the truthful direction.

  8. Sorry,
    12:55's comment is in reference to the previous post.