Monday, May 7, 2012

Their Own Comments

funny pictures of cats with captionsMr. Angle said he doesn't know anything about the emails. Really...

...then who is farmerangle?

O'Hare said he got more information from the attorney representing the "Save Gracedale" initiative than he did from Mark Stewart, the county's lawyer. Really...

...This sounds like an admission from O'Hare that he did in fact received help from Mark Stewart, whom he initially said never ever coached him...if our memory serves us right, he made that statement on several occasions - including on the second episode of Business Matters. See:

Now Mr. Stewart is quoted to say: "The position of the county was consistent with the success of Mr. O'Hare's litigation, therefore we assisted where we could,"...REALLY - well if this quote is correct, and we know it is...Stewart is admitting that he did in fact coached O'Hare...And O'Hare until recently, maintained that he was never coach! Which is it? Did he or didn't he coach O'Hare...What a tangle web they weave.

"If there wasn't sufficient good signatures and they were working on that, I think they were paid to work on," said Angle. WHAT exactly does this mean? Perhaps Angle had a few cocktails before he made this statement to the press...because it really makes no sense at all.

Interestingly, WFMZ reported that "Northampton County Executive John Stoffa said the county realized having O'Hare pursue litigation would save the county money.
This is truly inconceivable - how exactly can Stoffa make such an imbecile statement? O'Hare does not work for the county, does he? - NO, he is a private citizen, who was suing "We The People" privately and supposedly on his own how exactly was he saving the county taxpayers money by suing them? Doesn't that actually sound like he was costing the taxpayers money instead? And, if Stoffa was paying tax dollars for O'Hare to succeed in his private litigation against the taxpayers...well, it sounds like some laws are being broken here!

According to WFMZ, Stoffa said a resolution drafted to sell Gracedale supports Stewart's work with O'Hare.

HOW? Just explain HOW! - O'Hare has nothing whatsoever to do with the county...And If we recall correctly, the resolution passed was to prepare the way for the sale of Gracedale - and mentions nothing about funding private citizens litigation against the taxpayers...soon - the TRUTH will be revealed.

What a tangled web they weave.



  1. Me thinks their web of lies is becoming unraveled. They can no longer keep their facts straight. When telling the truth you don't need to try and keep your story straight, for the truth stays unchanged.

  2. They are definately unraveling. I have some info that indicates they are not getting away with misappropriation of taxpayer money.

  3. I am waiting to hear the "very silent" county council members and Executive candidates opinion on this matter.

    That will help me decide who I will vote for. I refuse to accept the old nonsense of "we cna't deal with this now" or "let's put this behind us".

    Remeber, these three tried and still try to destroy innconet people. But this is about a crime of misusing public funds. Stoffa first ran saying Reibman was a crook and he would clean up goveernment. He failed and is in fact the real crook. He lied to the unions, he lied to the employees and he has lied to the people.

    Address the problem or leave office. That goes for all county officials.

  4. The word at the courthouse is that Angle is running for county council or county executive.

  5. Well if that is so, we will launch a campaign against him.

    We must or all of what we have endured over the last two years is for nothing.