Tuesday, May 29, 2012

O'Hare Attacks MC White.

People_fighting : Mixed martial artists before a fight Stock PhotoAmazing - Bill White of the Morning call, who, if our memories serve us right, defended O'Hare relating to a LVU O'Hare spotting, is now attacking Mr. White and the MC. Who will win the match?

Listen to what O'Hares says: "Yet they are being portrayed by Morning Call columnist Bill White, as both smug (column) and as hypocrites (blog).

Is this fair? More importantly, is it even accurate?"

"Is this fair?" When has O'Hare been fair? And when has he been accurate???

He goes on to cry about a lack of media attention at a Bangor meeting...like just because he is there all of the REAL MEDIA is supposed to be there too.

Let us ask a few questions that may make some sense to the nonsensical ignoramus too.

Q1 - Where was the media when one of the greatest display of democracy took place right here in NorCo, Q2 - and why didn't O'Hare cry foul with that event? Q3 - And where has the media been with regard to the on going investigation of misused taxpayer funds to the tune of $31,000.00 by County Executive John Stoffa? Q4 - Why isn't he crying foul about that?

Ladies and Gentlemen of NorCO...there can be no question in any ones mind that the "Gracedale Initiative" was truly a great display of pure democracy. And no one can argue that it was an event of such epic proportion that it should have been reported locally by all forms of REAL Media , and nationally by the national media - but sadly it was not. And why not some may ask, well, the media was slanted in favor of the three connivers, and therefore decide not to give much attention to a story of great importance and magnitude.

So BOO HOO Bernie is now crying like the baby that he is, because the REAL MEDIA will not give him the attention he wants...and they won't even play with the poor baby.

I did this, and I did that, but, but, but they won't do it toooooooo!!!


  1. Word on the street is, maybe bo needs to run to Stoffa for help. I think he is lossing big time. How much longer will the employees of the courthouse fear him? Why does he need an escourt to the courthouse because he fears for his safety. The sheriff should give him a job he is there a lot. Remember every one is a threat to his safety. that is why the dash to Stoffas office after the last counsel meeting. Could he have left his teddy bear in Stoffas office and was scared for its safety. Or where they going to plan their next move. Not a word out of him about the GOONS, LINCH MOB, GOOLS, CRAZIES. If he does not say anything they might go a way. To the three stooges it will never HAPPEN THEY ARE HERE FOR THE LONG HALL. bo fix the tail light it is against the law, you remember that is the thing you are always quoteing, but seem to have trouble following.

  2. Memo to Bernie O'Hare via Mark Twain, with apologies: Never get into a pissing contest with someone who buys ink by the carload.
    Updated version-White's blog is bigger than your blog--get over it

  3. O'Hare cries and cries about the Allentown project. Yet he defends John Stoffa giving millions of Casino "impact fees" away. The entire point of the Casino fees were to help the county with services. Even county council voted against Stoffa on that one. Still Stoffa with one stroke of his arrogant pen, stupidly handed over half of the money away.

    This has accounted for millions of dollars now and in the future. This is money that could be used for Gracedale and the rest of Human Services.

    Disgraceful, he should be removed just for that move. Instead he is cheered and decides to dump Gracedale to make up for the loss.

    Be aware my friends, the move to dump Gracedale is still at work. Also some are looking into the ability of an executive being able to unilaterally sell a county asset with out council approval. This work is not just for Stoffa but being done for the use of a future executive as well.

    Be careful and stay alert!

  4. Anyone that has a private lawsuit should use E.C. Law firm and have the bil sent to Stoffas office to be paid. bo and Angle who covers all the angles did and it was paid, and one of them might not be a taxpayer. Why cant all the taxpayers use this service, no charge. the county has money for it the first time, why not now.

  5. Ifr Callahan is smart he will dump bo before he can do a lot of damage to Callahan. Look how much he helped Angle. Look what he is doing to help Stoffa. Wrong guy to have on your team.

  6. Callahn is a political animal. He only cares about having politcal power. If O'Hare can help him fine, if tomorrow COAF can help him fine. The only reason he want's to be execuitve is to keep power and have a place to run for congress from.

  7. I donot belive that the COAF will help him. He can keep bo all to himself. bo is looking for a lifeline, it is only a matter of time till they find him out (bo). bo should look for Angle so bo can help Angle some more.

  8. Angle is planning another county run.

  9. With all the baggage he has I dont think he will make it. Rember the use of taxpayers money to ES for help in his law suit to keep the taxpayers from voting on the sale of Gracedale.