Friday, May 18, 2012

You Asked To See It...

...Here it is:
As per request from one of our readers, below is the resolution that was adopted 08/19/2010.


  1. This resolution does not mention any authorization for County/Tax money to be used to fight a referendum

    This resolution does not authorize county/taxpayer money to be used for ECK Seamens to advise Angle and O'Hare

    This resolution does not authorize the lawfirm retained for Gracedale matters to review petition signatures for validity

    This resolution does not authorize bilings from Eck Seamans for preparation of a private litigant, ie O'Hare/Angle to engage in an appellate brief on behalf of O'Hare /Angle, review and prepare Appellate brief, and prepare exhibits for appellate brief

    This resolution does not auhtorize taxpayer/County money be spent in email corresp or phone conversations with O'Hare/Angle because they were private litigants

    This resolution will be seen again in court

  2. where does it say the law firm was acting under a counsel resolution that authorized them to take all legal action to block the Gracedale petition. As sayd by John Stoffa, to 69 News. Mark Steward one of the attorneys hired by the county, confirmes he did bill the county for the time he spent advising bo. Now bo said he recieved advice from the countys law firm but the work on the challenge was his own. Why was the county billed 10,000.00 for EXHIBIT A which Mark Steward sent to bo? It ia confirmed in an E_MAIL from Mark Steward. bo do you want to change your story again? Owens was right bo does not let the truth get in the way of a good story.

  3. Let bernie produce one that does!

  4. Word on the street is bo can not do it because it does not exist. Is all he said a snow job, if the rules do not fit, change the rules. This seems to be the favorite practice for some people in county.

  5. How could the resolution have provided for Eckard Seaman to do petion work when the resolution was passed in August and the petition drive didn't start until October?
    Do they have a crystal ball? Do you really think our Concil Members would have voted to use our tax dollars to pay for private litigation? Well maybe Angle would have!!!

  6. There is nothing in this Resolution that authirizes the county executive to "do anything he must" to sell Gracedale. It doesn't even suggest he can funnel public resources to a privtae citizen. To claim such is an affront to the citizens and twxpayers of Northamton County.

    This is a clear case of public monmey being used inappropriately. I am shcocked that county council allows this to stand.

  7. I guess you people hit a real nurve with bo hes no longer accepting comments, can you believe that?